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Digital Future Society Director

In Barcelona Mobile World Capital Barcelona we are looking for a PMO Manager to join our team.

Digital Future Society (DFS) is a global expert group that connects experts, policy makers, civic organizations and entrepreneurs with the mission of understanding and engaging with the legal
and ethical challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

The mandate of DFS is rooted in the idea that a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future in the digital era must be created jointly by citizens.

To this end, Digital Future Society will direct the scope and framework for an updated social contract: a new set of human rights for the digital age.

Job offer

We are thinking of someone with great experience in the management and orchestration of complex projects, in business consulting, operations or in management departments. Valuable
experience with the public sector in the management of agreements and tenders. With a high command of English and project management skills and processes, financial control and a great
capacity for planning, coordination and execution. These requirements are mandatory!

Primary duties and responsibilities

  • Structure the DFS project. Identifying at all times those responsible for actions and establishing operational meetings, methodology and monitoring indicators.
  • Project dimension, monitoring and execution of the budget, execution of projects and financial activities related to final accounting.
  • Analyze the P & L of the project, identify the risks of the operations in the project delivery process in advance, help program managers to follow and close the risk.
  • Improve the quality of the project financing data and business data, help the processes related to the projects and the internal control implemented, together with the financial department.
  • Contribution in the preparation of bidding documents and participation in contracting tables.
  • Report and monthly reporting and monitor and control the budget.
  • Coordination of External Audit and Annual State Financial Statements.
  • Monitoring and management of project deadlines, efforts, costs and benefits. (ROI)
  • Guarantee the delivery and start-up of the initiative in the corresponding area delivering results (P & L or Metrics).


We will be happy to provide you with more details during the interview so you can better understand the role and your responsibilities.


Required skills and experience


  • Open to any university discipline, but with a preference for studies in the areas of business, economics, finance, and engineering.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a Project Manager developing analogous tasks in similar environments.
  • The master’s degree or MBA is not mandatory but is preferred.
  • Interest and demonstrable experience in technology applied to society.
  • Understanding of the business environment.
  • Understanding transformation trends and digital innovation
  • Proven experience in leading teams of multidisciplinary profiles
  • Experience in financial and purchasing processes
  • Excellent communication skills in Spanish, Catalan and English (both written and spoken).
  • Able to work autonomously, proactively.
  • Strong analytical and project management skills


What about our people?

The DNA of our people is unique.

We are a team of young, result-oriented people who love technology and entrepreneurship.

Age is not a qualifier factor for sharing your passion. We all have diverse backgrounds of expertise and we enjoy working together as a single multi-disciplinary team, learning on a daily basis from our colleagues. We really don’t mind getting down to work on operational tasks to those which require a full strategy circle.

This is a unique opportunity and we are waiting for you!

MWCapital Package

Mobile World Capital Barcelona can provide suitably motivated candidates with a competitive salary along with a first class working environment, access to all the key decision makers in a one of the largest and most progressive industry, and the content to keep a curious mind engaged.

Method of Assessment

  • Competency-based interview with the Digital Future Society programme Director
  • Interview with CEO

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