1. Context

Fundació Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation

The Fundació Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation (going forward, “MWCapital”) is a public foundation established in 2012 by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Hall, the International Barcelona Trade Show and GSMA, Ltd. MWCapital is ruled by the regulations of Law 4/2008, of April the 24th, of book three of the Catalonia Civil Code, related to the legal entities, their statutes and all the other legal regulations applicable.

MWCapital works in three areas: the innovation acceleration through digital undertaking, the digital transformation of the industry and the training of new generations, professionals and overall citizens in the use of digital technologies.

In the development of its activity during the last years, MWCapital has confirmed a vast lack of knowledge in all levels of digital transformation.

Specifically, in traditional industry, MWCapital has perceived a resistance to change due to additional reasons, including the lack of qualified profiles to enforce digital transformation and a clear position to change management trends.

This scenario presents MWCapital with the opportunity to be the main player in reaching awareness in the business community about the importance of the change that digitalization would push. This way, MWCapital is positioned as a reference in the digital transformation environment.


Mobile Week Barcelona

Mobile Week Barcelona is an initiative promoted by MWCapital that was launched in February of 2017 with the goal of organizing a week of open thinking about digital transformation and becoming a referent meeting an collaboration point between the world of entrepreneurship, digital industry, science, knowledge and creative companies.

This week is presented as an opportunity to debate about the challenges, limits and opportunities of digital transformation from a humanistic perspective.

The programme is divided into 5 activity blocs that will be distributed equally in the 10 Barcelona districts. All activities will be free and open to all publics.

  1. Chats

Conferences, dialogs, presentations and interviews amongst experts

  1. Workshops

Workshops, Hackathons, Datathons and activities that promote citizenship participation

  1. Exhibitions

Art exhibitions and guided visits to scientific and technological innovation spaces

  1. Families

Activities about art, science and technology for kids

The 2019 Mobile Week Barcelona edition will be hosted from February 14th to February 23rd, both days included, the week before the 2019 Mobile World Congress. As last year’s edition, although not specifically with the same format, activities will be done in public and private spaces and facilities of the 10 Barcelona districts, as well as in some places of the metropolitan area.

With the objective of getting the citizenship involved to develop this year’s program, we want Barcelona to become an agora for joint dialog and knowledge.


In this context we promote an international public open call to all the citizenship to select ten (10) artistic unpublished works in Barcelona, inspired in the digital transformation of the society, with the goal of inviting people to think deeply about the impact of technology in human beings, society or the planet through these artistic works.

2. Organizing entity

The organizing entity of this open call is Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation, located in Barcelona (08018), Roc Boronat street, 117, 3rd floor, company identification number CIF G-65760431, registered in the Foundations Official Register of the Generalitat of Catalonia with the number 2.717

3. Participation conditions

The call is presented internationally. All people 18 and over can participate on it for free.

Participants must be the authors of the artistic conceptual proposals and also of the final works presented. Through their participation on the call, participants grant MWCapital that their artistic conceptual proposals and, consequently, their final works presented, in case of resulting winners, match the following requirements:

  1. They are unique, one-of-a-kind and originals.
  2. They have not been exhibited in Barcelona
  3. They do not trespass the intellectual property or industrial rights of third parties and, mainly, are not attached to commercial brands, exonerating MWCapital from any type of responsibility before further third-party claims for this reason.

Work themes must be inspired in digital transformation.

Mobile Week Barcelona’s 3rd edition opens a space of dialogue for the citizens with the aim of reflecting about the impact of technology on our society.

This year’s topic, ‘Our simple relationship with technology’, addresses the reflection about society’s digital transformation from the most intimate spheres of the human being, as if it were a personal relationship. Starting from the daily negotiations that we engage with technology in almost all areas of our daily life, the possible repercussions of these agreements and disagreements to constitute the basis of a common pact for the future are raised.

The call is not limited to a specific artistic discipline (painting, cinema, sculpture, photography, new media, writing, video, etc.)

Works sizes must not exceed 2 meters (length) x 2 meters (width) x 2.5 meters (height).

With no harm to the above mentioned, MWCapital retains the right of no admission to the call of those artistic conceptual proposals that, according to its own judgment, do not fulfill the participation requirements established in these bases or that have content that could be defined as offensive, insulting, morally censurable, aggressive, sexual, racist or defamatory, or that in any other way, could harm people’s sensibility or promote aggressive behavior or discriminatory actions to those regularly used in society.

4. Participation mechanics

All people interested in participating in the call must sign-in at the website www.mobileworldcapital.com

To sign-in for the call participants must provide the following information, which is included in the registration form:

  1. Name and surname of the participant person,
  2. DNI (Official Identification Number) or passport number,
  3. Postal address
  4. Email address,
  5. Contact phone number,
  6. CV no longer than one page,
  7. Small biography (no longer than 300 words),
  8. Artistic Statement on the working lines the artist will follow (no longer than 500 words),
  9. Technical summary of the artistic conceptual proposal:  
    1. Title
    2. Year
    3. The technique to be used
    4. The way of doing it
    5. Sizes
    6. Concept and description

Additionally, along with the registration form, participants must accept MWCapital’s participating privacy conditions.  

If all the information required in the registration form is not provided, the participation in the call will not be processed.  

Remember to fill in the form in English.

Once the registration process is finished, participants will receive a confirmation message in the email address provided by them, validating their registration to the call.

5. Participation period

The participation period starts on Tuesday, November the 6th at  12:00 a.m. and finishes on Tuesday, November the 27th at 11:59. No proposals will be accepted outside this period. At its own discretion, MWCapital keeps the right to change the participation period.

6. Jury and evaluation criteria

The jury will be formed by recognized personalities in the art, technology and science environments. They will act freely and with discretion. Results will not be subjected to appeal.

Evaluation criteria, scored from 0 to 10 punts, will be the following:

  1. Quality of the proposal
  2. Integration of science and/or technology in the development of the work
  3. Proposal’s originality
  4. Contribution to the Mobile Week Barcelona theme

7. Evaluation, winners

From November the 28th at 12:00 a.m. until December the 5th at 12:00 p.m. the jury will evaluate all the artistic conceptual proposals delivered according to the evaluation criteria and will select the 10 winners of the call.

On December the 5th of 2018, starting at 12:00 p.m. the ten (10) winners will receive an email in the address facilitated by them in the registration form, recognizing them as winners of the call.

In the same email, the following information will be required from them:

    • Complete name and NIF (fiscal number).
    • Artistic name (if they have it)
    • Work title, description (200 words) and biography of the artist 
(75 words) to be published in the media. It will also serve for the information included in the room sheet.
    • Website and Social Media
    • Bank information. Winners will have a maximum of five (5) natural days to provide all the information mentioned above. Those winners that do not provide the disagreements to within the five-day period resign to participate in the exposition and therefore will not receive the economic reward.

8. Artistic works

The work exposition will be held at the Disseny Hub Barcelona building from February the 14th to March the 16th, both days included.    

Works must be ready to be exhibited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona facilities on February the 5th of 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at the service elevator entrance (Badajoz street, 175, 08018, Barcelona).    

Artists will pay for the work setting and installation expenses. They will have the assistance of MWCapital production staff.  

Artists will also pay for the work transportation expenses (delivery, return and packaging).   

For delivery purposes, the works must be protected by the artists with a rigid material, so they can easily be opened and closed. This will also allow the works to be delivered and returned in a proper way.   

MWCapital will not be responsible, in any case, for losses, worsening or any other accident that might happen to the works for not being protected accordingly. MWCapital compromises to the highest diligence in the treatment and conservation of the works during their reception and return to the artists.

Once the exposition is finished, MWCapital will inform the artists, so they can pick-up their works. MWCapital will not be in charge of the works and their storage on the days they are not exhibited to the public.     

9. Economic reward

Each of the ten (10) winners will receive a reward of ONE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED EUROS (1.500€).  

This reward will be given to each winner in the following way:

  • 50% (750€) at the time in which they facilitate the information mentioned in section 7 within the five-day period.  
  • 50% (750€) at the time the Barcelona Mobile Week 2019 end: March the 16th of 2019.

We inform the winners that this reward, which amount is above 300€, will impact the tax income of each of them, according to the enforcement of Law 35/2006, of December the 5th, of the Tax Income of the Natural Persons and its concordant regulations.  

The reward will be considered an equity profit not related to the transmission of equity elements. Therefore it needs to be included when making the tax I.R.P.F. declaration and will be subjected to tax in the scale of the general imposed base, depending on the final taxing, adding the taxing of the reward to the other applicable taxes the winner has to fulfill during the fiscal year.      

By accepting the economic reward, participants allow the paying company the right to retain part of the income, according to the applicable taxing legislation.

10. Intellectual property

All the intellectual property rights of the artistic conceptual proposals presented by the participants in accordance with the registration process, as well as the final works delivered, belong only to their authors. In fact, MWCapital will acknowledge at all time the authorship of the artistic works of the winning participants.

By agreeing to these bases, winning participants authorize MWCapital the cession of the rights to reproduce, distribute, transform and communicate publically their artistic works, so they can be exhibited in the site indicated in section 8.   

At the end of the exhibiting period, MWCapital will return the works to their authors and the cession of the corresponding intellectual property rights will end.  

11. Image rights

By the agreement of the following bases, the winners of the call authorize MWCapital to reproduce and communicate publically, completely or partially, directly or through third parties, without any type of temporary or geographical limitation, their image as a result of the exposition of the works in the previously mentioned site.

In any case, the authorization above mentioned responds to the Mobile Week Barcelona 2019 objectives and will never have commercial purposes (they will be non-remunerated). The rights will always be executed in an environment of compromise, respect and personal ethics.   

12. Data protection

MWCapital will treat the personal information facilitated for the call under the protection clause.  

Therefore MWCapital will treat the information facilitated by the participants with the objective of managing the inscription process to the call and having available the information to contact those participants that result as winners.

The participants will authorize the data management when agreeing to the terms during the registration process.  

MWCapital will only communicate this information when being strictly necessary, in particular, to those companies that will provide assistance in the management of the call and in the development of the Mobile Week Barcelona 2019 project. In all cases, personal data will be treated with a high protection level, according to the applicable regulations and will not be subjected to automatic decisions.

Once the registration period is finished, MWCapital will retain the data given by the participants with the objective of communicating to them information related with the current call. At all time, participants could revoke their consent to receive this information.  

If personal data from third parties is facilitated, MWCapital guarantees that these people would have been previously informed.   

All participants will be able to exercise at all time and in the terms established by the current legislation, their rights to access, rectify or suppress the data, demand the limitation of its treatment or be against it, as well as ask for the data portability. These rights must be demanded in writing to the following address: Roc Boronat, 117, third floor, 08018, Barcelona or to the following email address: lopd@mobileworldcapital.com. This request must include a photocopy of the National Identity Document (DNI) or a similar document that proves the correspondent identity. A claim could also be made to the Spanish Protection Data Agency.    

Bases acceptance

The participation in this call implies the acceptance of these bases without exception. All participants are obligated to their fulfillment at all time.