The first Mobile Talks session held since MWC19 Barcelona covered the news and trends in technology presented this year. At the event entitled Technology trends from MWC19 Barcelona, experts and representatives from noteworthy companies in the sector looked at how emerging technology will revolutionise the business ecosystem and have an immediate impact on economy and society as a whole.

The session, held at the Movistar Centre in Barcelona on Friday 22 March, featured representatives from the innovation and technology ecosystem: Carlos Grau, CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona; Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City; Montserrat Pardo, Government Affairs director at Microsoft Ibérica; Enrique Pérez, director of the Huawei Catalonia office; and Francesca Gabetti, co-founder and CEO of TeamEQ. Journalist and host of the radio programme “Revolució 4.0” Xantal Llavina moderated the session.

To start off, Juan Baselga, director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations at MWCapital, welcomed the nearly 200 participants filling the auditorium. Baselga used his time at the podium to highlight the importance of analysing trends in technology, after the success of MWC19 Barcelona and doing so on a local level with Barcelona Tech City. Plus, he mentioned the projects promoted from Barcelona, including The Collider, 5G Barcelona, Barcelona Digital Talent, and Digital Future Society, which are putting Barcelona on the global technology and digital map.

Then he gave the floor to CEO of MWCapital Barcelona Carlos Grau, who explained that this year’s event saw record turnout, visibility, impact and relevance. “The use of the new generation of mobile devices and 5G will have an impact on the economy, society and in many other arenas because it will affect every industry and economic sector,” said Grau.

Grau also explained that the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain has matured, as could be seen at 4YFN, the start-up business platform held by MWC Barcelona that allows investors, corporations and institutions to discover, create and launch new initiatives. In this context, Grau highlighted that the joint total of investment in all Spanish start-ups surpassed €1 billion for the first time, according to the Startup Ecosystem Overview 2019 report, making Barcelona one of the world powers, fourth in Europe.

CEO of Barcelona Tech City Miquel Martí explained that the most interesting part of MWC19 is “how 5G technology is starting to be applied and that the artificial intelligence that goes along with it is bringing us closer to the future, for example, in terms of mobility and connectivity with users in the healthcare sector.” Plus, he added, “MWC19 Barcelona gives Barcelona Tech City the opportunity to get closer to the corporations that normally visit Barcelona once a year, for 4YFN. It allows us to make contacts and develop projects much more easily.”

For Microsoft Ibérica Director of Government Affairs Montserrat Pardo, “MWC19 is a spectacular meeting point that in this edition has allowed us to speed up adoption of artificial intelligence, which is so important to competitiveness, but also for giving society access to the very best services, ensuring technology is inclusive, guaranteeing sustainability and ethical values.” But she also highlighted that “MWC19 Barcelona’s key role is to continue developing talent and act as an excellent platform for embracing visibility of technological revolutions.”

Director of the Huawei Catalonia office Enrique Pérez highlighted how MWC acts as a benchmark for the industry and that Huawei is committed to maintaining their presence in Barcelona. He also noted that “after speaking about 5G for many years, we will soon see cases of people using it, in all arenas, from entertainment, health and mobility to B2B and B2C.”

For Francesca Gabetti, co-founder and CEO of TeamEQ, an organisation that works in managing human resources and developing leadership through analytical technology, “In a complex world, compiling data is key, even on people and work teams, to be able to manage them using smart data.” She also highlighted that MWC Barcelona is key for technological development, as well as for the entrepreneurial ecosystem: “It is a great opportunity to get in touch with global big players, to speak with them directly, and to position the city of Barcelona in a global context and debate that is fundamental right now in bringing technology and people into the future.”

Journalist and host of the radio programme “Revolució 4.0” Xantal Llavina believes “It is essential to hold these debates and make them public because the digital transformation affects all sectors, areas of the economy and professions.”

Here is a full video of the session: