Technology and innovation: an opportunity for corporate venturing

The main challenges, perspectives and issues of technology transfer from the knowledge arena and universities to start-ups and companies were the main focal points for the Mobile Talks session held on 5 July at the Madrid headquarters of ISDI. Focusing on the topic “Applied tech for corporate venturing”, six experts from different areas of the […]

Technology transfer and the necessary cooperation of the stakeholders involved

The technology transfer process is one of the most valuable indicators for evaluating the state of health of relations between universities, research centres, startups and companies. Applied technology for corporate entrepreneurship and innovation is crucial in order to increase productivity, business competitiveness and to increase revenue. Relationships between the sphere of knowledge and research and […]

The impact of digital transformation and technology on people in need

The main focus point of this Mobile Talks session, held at CaixaForum Barcelona on Thursday, 30 May, was tackling transcendental issues such as knowing the impact of the digital transformation on the population or how this transformation could improve people’s lives. Under the topic of “Digital Transformation and Responsible Technology for People”, four experts from […]

Digital transformation and responsible technology for people

Technological advances are coming more and more quickly, and they are being adopted just as rapidly. These innovation-based changes have come to transform the daily lives of people, including those who need the most care. The forthcoming Mobile Talks, which will be held in Barcelona’s CaixaForum on 30 May from 9:30 to 11:30 am, will […]

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