• The workshops, which are part of the ‘Barcelona Digital Talent’ programme, are addressed to professionals without experience in the digital sector who are considering reorienting their careers, particularly because of the Covid-19 crisis
  • The first workshop, on Big Data applications, will be held tomorrow while four further workshops, on web development and mobile apps, digital transformation tools and ‘cloud’ technology, will run until 10 June
  • The initiative has arisen from the need and opportunity to generate new digital talent by training professionals from other areas in order to meet the ever increasing demand for ICT profiles


Barcelona, May 12th Tomorrow’s workshop entitled ‘Big Data & Business Intelligence’ marks the start of the cycle of 5  free online digital guidance workshops  that the Ministry for Digital Policy and Public Administration and Mobile World Capital Barcelona are running as part of the Barcelona Digital Talent programme to help people without digital experience to reorient their professional careers towards the ICT sector. This initiative is intended particularly to impact those professionals who, because of changes in areas and methods of work prompted by the circumstances generated by Covid-19, are considering reorienting their careers in order to adapt their skills and capabilities to the employment market’s ever-growing demand for ICT profiles.

The proposed workshops in this cycle are therefore focused on the five subject areas in greatest demand and the most sought-after associated digital profiles: applications and the main professions associated with Big Data; the design and development of mobile applications; ICT consulting tools for the digital transformation of companies, such as customer relationship management IT systems; the market application and development opportunities of Cloud technology; and web creation and development.

The workshops provide a starting point for participating professionals to discover the digital profile that best matches their skills, capabilities and interests. They are therefore structured in such a way that professionals can acquire basic knowledge associated with one of the areas of digital specialisation most sought-after on the market, assimilate the different opportunities and traits of each digital profile and even experiment with programs used in that area.

Five workshops on the 5 most sought-after areas

The workshops, which will run until 10 June, will follow the schedule below:

  • Big Data & Business Intelligence (13 May). This workshop will offer an explanation of what it is, what the main jobs associated with data are and what they involve, as well as details of the most highly-valued skills in this field. Interactive tools for observing their potential will also be explored.
  • App Development (20 May). Workshop featuring an exploration of the professional skills associated with the design and development of mobile applications and an explanation of the process of their creation and associated tools. It will also show how creativity and small details are crucial factors in the success of apps.
  • CRM & ERP Consultant (27 May). This workshop will demonstrate both how tools such as CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) IT systems have changed the way in which companies engage with their customers and the advantages of implementing them.
  • Cloud (3 June). This workshop will show the great employment opportunities offered by the Cloud, both in development and in application, and will also explore interactive tools for observing its potential and the most sought-after skills in this field.
  • Web Development (10 June). This workshop will provide an explanation of a webpage’s main components and how creating one is simpler than it may seem. It will explore different roles within this thematic area and offer practical cases and tools that can help to start developing.

This joint initiative of Digital Policy and Mobile World Capital Barcelona has arisen in response to the need to generate new digital talent to meet the ever-growing demand for ICT profiles and to reduce the digital talent gap that exists in Catalonia and worldwide, and to help to improve the employment and professional future of people from other areas while encouraging them to adapt their skills and capabilities and reorient their careers towards digital professions and profiles.