• The School will take part in 4 Years From Now, the business platform for the startups community present at MWC events worldwide
  • The agreement covers actions to be performed over and beyond MWC Barcelona that will have an impact both in Madrid and in Barcelona

Madrid, 23 January 2019. ESIC Business & Marketing School and Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) are seeking to encourage the performance of initiatives associated with society’s digital transformation.

Society is experiencing ever faster innovation through digital entrepreneurship and the use of digital technologies. In line with its commitment to marketing and the digital economy, ESIC is seeking to play a significant role in the future of education.

The School remains firmly committed to the change involved in the implementation of technology in both business and in education, with a view to encouraging scientific, technical and social research. It will therefore take part in 4 Years From Now, the business platform for the startups community present at all the events that MWC organises worldwide.

According to Eduardo Gómez Martín, ESIC Director General: “At ESIC we place great importance on the ties with MWCapital that, among other things, will give us a presence at MWC Barcelona 2019, one of world’s major technology events at which trends for the near future will be developed and determined. The School aspires to be a major player in the future of education and will therefore be highly visible at the event with a view to emphasising the importance of digital innovation in our society”.

“Training the professionals required by digital society of the future is one of the major challenges that we are addressing at MWCapital. For us it is therefore essential to generate alliances with schools like ESIC that will enable us to foster tomorrow’s digital talent”, added Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital.

As well as the actions planned to coincide with MWC Barcelona, the agreement will also yield joint activities both in Madrid and in Barcelona to encourage knowledge and generate new meeting points for digital and innovation sector professionals.