During Mobile Week Barcelona 150 activities have been held in the city’s 10 districts

Barcelona, 1 March 2020.-  The closing act of Mobile Week Barcelona 2020, Family Day, was held today at the former Estrella Damm beer factory. The day involved activities designed to bring young and old alike into contact with technology in a fun way with workshops, talks, food trucks and music for all audiences.

A large number of children’s workshops were held at which girls and boys had the chance to learn how to mix tracks with professional DJs; to build a robot that paints; to record themselves in an interactive photocall with augmented reality; to create a futuristic postcard with LEDs and other materials; and to imagine a better world using 5G technology and augmented reality, etc. A series of talks were also given by different experts in data and cybersecurity with a view to preventing internet risks and educating young people in the matter.

Mobile Week Barcelona, which took place from 20 February to 1 March, featured 150 activities spread out through the city’s 10 districts.