• The “Improving quality of life for elderly (at home) through Technology” challenge was open to 5G proposals addressed to increasing the elderly’s independence at home and their living conditions as they age
  • It will demonstrate new uses of 5G technology and all of its possible applications, particularly in the Internet of things
  • Through the 5GBarcelona initiative, in February Barcelona City Hall and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation (MWCapital) launched this joint challenge based on 5G technology

Barcelona, 24 May 2019.- The “Improving quality of life for elderly (at home) through Technology” challenge has received 53 proposals from a total of 14 countries, which include France, Sweden, the United States, Taiwan, Holland, Germany, Canada, Great Britain and China. 50% of participants are in fact international companies and entrepreneurs. The term for the submission of candidatures ended yesterday, on Thursday.

This challenge has received proposals for domestic application that are particularly geared to enhancing the elderly’s independence at home. They offer a demonstration of new uses of 5G technology and all its possible applications, particularly in the field of ageing, in the Internet of Things.

Through the 5GBarcelona Initiative, in February Barcelona City Hall and Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) launched this joint challenge based on 5G technology with a view to seeking solutions both in Spain and internationally to improve the elderly’s quality of life through technology. It was established in collaboration with Barcelona City Hall’s office for Socials Rights and involved the organisations most active in these areas such as the Alzheimer Foundation of Catalonia, the Uszheimer Foundation for neurodegenerative diseases, the ACE Foundation, the Pasqual Maragall Foundation and the Catalan Parkinson’s Association.

In a second phase the two institutions will now acknowledge 6 proposals that use technology to improve the public’s living conditions with practical, direct and net positive proposals for application in day-to-day life. The 6 finalist projects will be announced on 21 June and the two winning proposals will be chosen from these. The winners will be announced in the first two weeks of July and their projects may be performed during 2019 and 2020.

The challenge: to find technological solutions for improving the elderly’s independence at home

Barcelona City Hall and MWCapital intend this challenge to yield technological solutions so that elderly people may live longer and independently at home and to relieve, among other matters, the cognitive deficiencies arising from the initial symptoms of dementia or neurodegenerative diseases. Particular emphasis should be placed on tackling the following aspects:

  • Difficulties in performing daily basic activities (diet, personal hygiene, movement within the home).
  • Difficulties in performing instrumental daily activities (using transport, communications, individualised health control, socialising, money management).
  • Safety problems (both inside and outside the home).

The technological solutions proposed should yield the development of new services, help to overcome obstacles in accessing more personalised services and must also be affordable. The projects should make use of the potential immediacy, real time, virtually unlimited connectivity and low energy consumption of 5G technology and thus increase performance and scalability.

The proposals submitted to this challenge must set forth solutions that play a key role in optimising the elderly’s health and welfare, and help to prevent, train, maintain and stimulate them in their homes for as long as possible.

5G Barcelona

5G Barcelona is a public-private initiative transforming the metropolitan area of Barcelona into an open and neutral urban laboratory for the validation and adoption of 5G technologies and applications in a real city environment.

5G Barcelona is an innovative project promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Hall, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, i2CAT, CTTC, Atos and the UPC.