• The collaboration agreement combines the commitment of the entire business world represented by Foment and the technological drive associated with MWCapital.
  • Foment will promote the participation of its associates in all events and programmes run by MWCapital in the city throughout the year: Barcelona Digital Talent, 5G Barcelona, The Collider and Digital Future Society; the Mobile Lunch Barcelona meeting and the Mobile Talks events.

Barcelona, 14 February 2019

Today, the CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital), Carlos Grau, and the Chairman of Foment del Treball (Employment Development Department), Josep Sánchez Llibre, signed a collaboration agreement with a view to intensifying and strengthening the ties of the activity of both institutions. The agreement seeks to further encourage the appeal of mobile technology, digitalisation of the economy and innovation, as represented by MWCapital, in the business fabric and the economic activity of Barcelona. The objective shared by the two institutions can be summed up as maximising the impact of MWCapital in the region and generating a legacy that lasts for future generations.

The signing of the agreement was also attended by the Foment’s Commissioner for Digital Society and Innovation, Mar Alarcón, the Chairwoman of the Digital Society Commission, Anna Sánchez Granados; the Chairman of the Innovation Commission, Jordi Bosch; and the Director for Innovation of the Catalan Employers’ Association, María Mora.

The agreement covers aspects such as the mutual collaboration of both institutions in disseminating and promoting its activity. This involves showcasing the active participation of representatives and associates from the business world of Foment, which represents all Catalonia’s industrial and services economic sectors, in the programmes and events run by MWCapital throughout the year in the city of Barcelona, in order to turn it into one of Europe’s main hubs for innovation and digitalisation.

The presence and active participation of businesspeople, directors and professionals with a business association with Foment in MWCapital’s actions, activities and programmes such as Barcelona Digital Talent, 5G Barcelona, The Collider and Digital Future Society, the Mobile Lunch Barcelona meeting and the Mobile Talks events has therefore been consolidated established and extended. The agreement will also encourage the presence of MWCapital representatives at the main sectoral meetings of the Catalan employers’ association such as the Industrial Meeting, and in forums and on commissions that each year bring together major representatives and professionals from Catalan companies.

The Chairman of Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre, said that the collaboration agreement with MWCapital “will encourage much more direct contact with innovation and digitalisation for many companies and will enable directors and professionals to take part in an annual agenda of top events. We want to provide a response to the ecosystem’s need for digital talent and to open up areas of collaboration to involve our partners in technological advances such as 5G.”

Lastly, the CEO of MWCapital, Carlos Grau, stated that “renewing the agreement with Foment greatly enhances MWCapital’s work and our commitment to transforming society through technology and innovation. We are aware that the involvement of companies is vital in order to attain a true digitalisation of our country’s economic activity that will then yield improvements in people’s wellbeing.”