Both institutions have opted to continue their collaboration, which enables PIMEC partners to take part in different activities and meetings.

Barcelona, 11 February 2019. PIMEC and Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) have renewed their agreement to implement and encourage the digital transformation of Catalonia’s micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises. Josep González, Chairman of PIMEC, and Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital signed the agreement for continued collaboration.

Both institutions will continue to work jointly on a committee formed by members of the employers’ association and by MWCapital, with a view to defining different actions and initiatives. The monitoring committees that will hold meetings to analyse the performance of all projects will also be set in motion again.

Josep González emphasised that PIMEC, as a social and economic agent that champions, represents and provides support to Catalan SMEs and self-employed workers, continues its work to raise awareness and facilitate the digital transformation of businesses. He added that “private individuals are already digitalised and now it is the turn of SMEs, which account for 99.8% of the business fabric.”

“At MWCapital we understand that involving small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation is essential in order to bring about real change in our economic system that has an impact on people. We therefore very much value this agreement with PIMEC, which will help us to make headway in this direction”, stated Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital.