• The companies chosen will take part at 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the business and networking platform for entrepreneurs, investors and multinationals that is held parallel to each MWC                                     
  • The delegation is organised by Mobile World Capital Barcelona with the Ministry of Economy and Business through Red.es, the Government of Catalonia through ACCIÓ and Barcelona City Hall


Barcelona, 18 October 2019.- On 22 October, thirty technology and innovation startups in sectors such as industry, commerce, telecommunications and services will travel to Los Angeles (USA) alongside Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital). This is the largest delegation of Spanish startups to take part at MWC Los Angeles, at an initiative intended to help digital companies access the North American market.

The participating startups will have their own exhibition space at 4 Years From Now (4YFN), one of the world’s major business platforms for startups that will be held from 22 to 24 October. During their stay, the startups will take part at pitching sessions to present their company, one-to-one meetings, networking sessions, etc.

This is the third year that MWCapital has organised this initiative in the United States, together with the Ministry of Economy and Business (through Red.es), the Government of Catalonia (through ACCIÓ) and Barcelona City Hall.

The delegation is made up of:


The Singular Factory (Gran Canaria) is a platform that helps SMEs manage their maintenance more efficiently by simplifying processes and improving communication and transparency.


BERDAC (Barcelona) has developed a medicine dispenser that prevents errors and oversights. It connects to the internet to download the user’s treatment plan and gives a warning when it is time to take the pills.

Biid (Barcelona) guarantees and protects digital infrastructures while allowing users to identify themselves online, authorise transactions and easily sign documents from any device.

BlockTac (Barcelona).offers consumers immediate access to authentication of dietary and consumer documents and products.

Bobelo Travel (Barcelona) uses Artificial Intelligence to create tailored travel itineraries for companies.

BrandYourShoes (Vic) offers consumers the possibility of customising their sports shoes by choosing shapes, materials and colours and establishing a logo on different parts of the shoe.

BroomX (Barcelona) offers virtual reality and immersive media experiences in an intuitive environment through adaptation to all kinds of physical space.

Connectivity (Barcelona) offers unlimited connectivity services and has thousands of active users worldwide, specialised in Internet of Things projects.

Copernic (Barcelona) has developed a collaborative engineering and management web for designing, developing, testing and managing projects from a unique platform.

FindThatLead (Barcelona) offers the chance to find professional emails automatically and generate contact data based on the selection criteria required by the user.

MobileKnowledge (Barcelona) engineering consultancy specialized in intelligent, connected and secure technologies for the world of Internet of Things.

Shootr (Barcelona) offers an innovative chat solution for audiences of entertainment.

Vottun (Barcelona) facilitates the development of blockchain applications without having to understand much about blockchain technology.

Wipass (Mataró) offers easy internet access using a device that enables users to connect just by touching the telephone.


Kenmei Technologies (Valencia) is a smart network solution that provides automation in the classification, segmentation and resolution of network issues at different operational levels.

WiTraC (Valencia) helps companies to become more efficient and competitive using innovative technological solutions that connect to and raise awareness of its customers’ value chain.


eCapture 3D (Badajoz) is a web platform anyone can use to make 3D models using photos or videos with their smartphones.


Appentra Solutions (A Coruña) develops software tools to facilitate parallel programming.

Quobis (Vigo) is a team of expert advisors in both corporate (among employees) and customer service communications technology.


Cabroworld (Boadilla del Monte) is a new digital media company that offers social and entertainment news to its followers.

Fixme (Madrid) offers wellness services (physiotherapy, personal training, osteopathy, etc.) in under an hour by connecting professional and clients through its web page.

Flexxible IT (Madrid) develops software for adapting virtual work environments (virtual desktops, apps, etc.).

Speed4lifts (Madrid) offers hardware and software focused on improving performance and health. It provides measurable and objective data about training to yield real results.

Summa Networks (Madrid) develops and offers cutting-edge telecommunications products.

Talentoo (Madrid) combines job offers with CVs of profiles interviewed by a recruitment network with a view to saving time and improving the chances of finding the perfect candidate.

Viewtinet (Madrid) offers companies security solutions based on Big Data  analytics and Network Intelligence.

MedUX (Madrid) allows for real-time measurement, analysis and prediction of user experience of telecommunications. It helps telecommunications operators to make strategic decisions.


NaviLens (Murcia) has developed a technological solution to help the visually impaired read different types of signage using a two-dimensional code.

Nido Robotics (Murcia) creates low-cost underwater drones and robots for inspections and maintenance.

EMITE (Murcia) is a high-tech company that distributes reverberation chambers for testing mobile device WiFi technology.