vacancies for digital jobs
in Europe by 2020

The digital transformation of the economy increases demand for digital talent to cover current jobs and those created as new, and especially related to the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, such as Artificial Intelligence, additive manufacturing, Big Data and The Internet of Things, among others. This demand for digital talent is not being met. Despite the fact that the number of European digital professionals grew by 4% in 2018, there is a shortage of digital talent worldwide and it is estimated that the gap between supply and demand will increase over the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence is leading the next technological revolution, with the cloud as a game changer. In this context, the construction of an ecosystem of diverse and inclusive digital talent, key for economic growth and for the development of our society, will require intense public-private collaboration.

Montse Pardo, Director of Institutional Relations at Microsof Ibérica

Main European destinations welcoming European tech talent, 2018.

Spain is the third most popular destination for European tech talent, after the United Kingdom, which stands first, and Germany.

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