“When it comes to entrepreneurship, things don’t happen over years, but rather overnight, and nothing can wait,” said José María Álvarez, COO of Telefónica, when Yossi Vardi, president of 4YFN, asked him about the company’s current role in the field of tech startups. It’s not a supporting role. Quite the opposite.

So far, through the Telefónica Open Future platform that includes accelerators Wayra, Amerigo, Telefónica Ventures and China Open Future, the company has invested more than 300 million euros in 500 companies across 17 countries, such as Israel, Colombia, United States and China.

But what kind of companies are we talking about? Which startups have grown thanks to Telefónica’s support? We’ve gotten to know 13 very interesting cases at Telefónica’s Showcase 2015 held at 4YFN—each one even more interesting than the other.


Image | Cartodb

Everything is easier to understand with images, and even more so with maps. This is what José Miguel Arias and his team were thinking when they decided to invest in Cartodb, a cloud-based service that allows us to visualize data on maps so we can understand it better. Currently, they have a team of 42 professionals.


Firstv1sion is a Barcelona-based startup that wants us to experience sports first-hand. They have created an audiovisual broadcasting system that can be inserted onto a sports jersey. As it happens, Intel has named it one of the eight most interesting ‘wearables’ of the year. Can you imagine being able to see and feel the same thing that Messie does when he scores a goal?


Adjust is a German company that currently employs more than 50 people across Berlin, San Francisco, Istanbul, Tokyo and Shanghai. It’s a business intelligence platform targeted at mobile apps marketing.


Apparcar from Alexandre Freire García on Vimeo.


Apparcar is an app created in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) that aims to provide solutions for parking in medium- and large-size cities. It searches for free parking spots to save you time, fuel and money.


Based in Barcelona, BlueLiv is a startup that was founded with the aim to protect companies from credit card fraud and credential theft. The company’s business model is based on cloud computing through a monthly membership fee which allows you to install and use the product. The majority of BlueLiv’s customers are from the Financial and telecom industries.

VTX Brasil

VTX Brasil is an image recognition software employed in e-commerce. The concept is fairly straightforward: Like your co-worker’s new pair of slippers and want to buy them? Then simply snap a photo and they’ll be a click away from being yours.


Voicemod is a fun app that makes you smile. How so? By changing your voice through the mobile device. Up until now, the app has gotten over 2.4 million downloads. Can you imagine being able to answer a phone call in Darth Vader’s voice?

Amé Santé

Amé Santé is a Chinese platform that provides remote solutions for the medical sector. It monitors its users’ health indicators through sensors that send alerts and data to your mobile devices.

Emotions AR

Emotions AR is a Barcelona-based company that has managed to make photos capture real life—through an augmented reality app, all photos are converted into videos. Its founders aim to make augmented reality available to the mass market, and add emotional value to the service for their active users.


Visualnacert is an information management geoportal created by the sister Lucía and Mercedes Iborra, targeting companies from the agriculture and food sector. They aim to help such companies increase productivity and profitability off their land through mapping technology and techniques. Currently the app is being used in Australia, Chile, the U.S. and Spain.


¿Qué es Geenapp? from Geenapp on Vimeo.

Geenapp is a platform that allows you to promote apps searching to cash in on mobile traffic from any media channel or users. The project is headed by Jaime Ferré  and Javier Casares, and it is expected to raise 2 million euros this year.


Upplication allows you to create mobile apps without having to do any computer programming. What’s more, by creating a mobile app, you automatically create a web that can be properly visualized on computers, tablets and smartphones, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Qustodio Free Parental Control from Qustodio on Vimeo.

Qustodio is a startup that offers a parental control program to monitor children’s activity from any mobile device, including their activities in social media.