The Women in Business Congress took up much of the second day’s agenda at 4YFN—from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and then from 3:00 to 5:30 pm, with a lunch break in between. Held under the Agora Sabadell pavillion, the initiative aimed to promote the importance of women in technology, a sector in which there is much room for improvement as far as gender ratios are concerned.

A quick look around at any event or company will confirm that there are always many more men than women. However, things are quickly changing and the second day of 4YFN was a demonstration of these changes.

To give an overview of some of the data that have come up during the conference: only 143 out of the 980 managers of the largest tech companies are women; only 12% of the CEOs and 25% of hiring managers are women. This vicious cycle can be noticed at the Congress as well. Among entrepreneurs, the gender gap situation is not any better: the proportion stays at 19%.

Technology has changed the business world and competition, and opened up real opportunities. So, given what we’ve seen, the aim of the Women In Business event is clear: give visibility, share experiences, celebrate success and develop new business ideas.

Furthermore, various panelists have insistantly stated in their talks that the way we work is changing and women play a key role. Particularly in the morning talks, discussions revolved around broad issues such as corporate leadership, empowerment, technology and innovation as well as women’s impact on the global economy.

Later on throughout the day, the talks became more focused on more practical aspects: the opportunities arising from the Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything), funding tools and the success stories of Sindhu Joseph and Carlota Pi from Spain.

Additionally, albeit not on the official congress program yet within the 4YFN talks, another woman has been a featured figure today.


In the main hall, Marvell’s founder Weili Dai has given some tips on the opportunities in software and hardware (after twenty years of creating technology, entrepreneurs now have a “pizza” – the hardware – on which to add their own ingredients- software) and she shared her views with the audience. According to Dai, “the Internet of Things will create numerous opportunities for both software and hardware companies” and “this is just the beginning.”

What a terrific way to finish a day almost exclusively dedicated to women entrepreneurs.