Connecting the entrepreneurial community

We promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem by connecting startups, investors, corporations and research centers to build strong relations fostering growth and scalability

Founded by MWCapital, 4YFN is a startup business platform that enables startups, investors, corporations and public institutions to discover, create and launch new ventures together.

Present at MWC Barcelona events around the world, 4YFN offers unique initiatives for the growing global tech startup community including events, networking activities, and workshops.

Focused on the globalization of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and attracting the best international talent, The Collider leads the creation of acceleration programmes in collaboration with partners specialized in global digital innovation.

The Collider encourages the participation of prestigious research centers and universities, builds new tech transfer mechanisms and supports the creation of digital startups.


Introducing change through digital solutions

We help driving the digital transformation of society and the business community, exposing services and productive sectors to the latest digital solutions

Accelerating the digital transformation of society by responding to social challenges through the use of successful mobile and digital solutions.

The programme identifies social needs and launches challenge-based “calls for proposals” for innovative technology solutions that generate a positive impact in the collective lives of citizens in collaboration with private and public partners.

A community of professionals to gain knowledge and understand how innovative digital technology impacts the economy, business and society.

GoingDigital promotes digital transformation for companies and the industry by transmitting awareness on the challenges of technological innovation through unique learning experiences.


Discovering a new way of teaching and learning

We foster the empowerment of new generations and citizens to assure that the digital transformation process doesn’t leave anyone behind

A multi-faceted mEducation programme empowering students and teachers to integrate mobile technologies into the classroom, opening up new ways of teaching and learning that improve achievement and employability.

 mSchools helps students build important new digital skills and prepares them for today’s world by building an open environment for mEducation.


Mobile World Capital Barcelona broadens the impact of MWC Barcelona on the territory and the economy with initiatives and events taking place throughout the year