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An answer to the future


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Jordi Arrufí, Digital Talent director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona

What is the job of the future? A question so often posed, which usually opened up a whole range of possibilities, has now a clear answer. As indicated by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), employment in information and communication technologies (ICT) grows by 18% per year since 2020. It also tops the hiring forecasts for the coming months with more than 50% of new recruitments, according to the same source.


Similar figures emerge from our annual Digital Talent Overview 2022 fourth edition: Catalonia adds 10,500 new technology professionals in 2021, which represents an annual increase of 12%. Tech workers availability has grown in all Catalan districts, although Barcelona continues to bring together 95% of all digital talent in Catalonia and 97% of job offers. 9,400 new technology professionals joined Barcelona’s labor market in 2021, 40% more than in 2020, and the demand for tech workers grew by 43% over the latter. In 2021, more than 24,600 digital job offers were published, thus exceeding the demand of 2019. This rapid recovery stands in contrast to the demand for employment in the rest of the industry, still far from the pre-pandemic figures.


Such steady growth bears some problems too: the lack of qualified workers as well as the need to reskill professionals in different technological branches. In any case, this represents a golden opportunity for all those wanting to be trained in this sector. This is precisely the objective of the Barcelona Digital Talent program that I run, as well as the objective of the fourth edition of our annual Digital Talent Overview 2022 report, promoted by Mobile World Capital, the “Departament de Vicepresidència i Polítiques Digitals i Territori de la Generalitat de Catalunya” and the Cercle Tecnològic: assessing the impact and evolution of the digital talent gap, of global trends and the different lines of action currently being proposed in order to lure the best professionals into the ecosystem.


Barcelona Digital Talent’s task is also eminently practical: we want to help people who want to become part of the technological ecosystem achieve it. Have you ever wondered what your technological skills are? We help you answer this question and find the digital jobs that suit you best. Do you have doubts about your professional career? Our mentoring program includes free advice from an expert in the ICT sector in Barcelona. Do you need training? Our e-learning platforms, more than 500 courses, bootcamps and master’s degrees in Catalonia, as well as 7 training and intensive courses with digital companies help enter the market. Are you ready to work? We have different networking programs that will put you to in contact with the companies hiring tech professionals.


Barcelona Digital Talent wants to help provide answers. To the digital talent, training and synergies questions, as well to that universal one: what is the job of the future?