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Mobile World Capital turns 10 years old


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Carlos Grau Lara

2022 will be a very important year for Mobile World Capital and Barcelona. It will bring back the luster of a new face-to-face Mobile World Congress -MWC22- with more than 60,000 professionals expected to attend. 2022 also marks the tenth anniversary of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation.


In these ten years we were able to attain the objectives we were born with: promoting the digital development of society and helping improve people’s lives globally. We developed programs aimed at fostering innovation, the transformation of the industry and digital talent. We encouraged the debate about the impact of technology on our society and we promoted the digital inclusion so as not to leave anyone behind.


Numbers speak for themselves: more than 100,000 people took part in our initiatives, more than 50 technological projects were started with our collaboration in order to promote the use of technology and digital services to improve the lives of citizens, and we built bridges between more than 150 organizations.


But beyond the numbers are the people we are helping, the real reason that makes us strive. This is the case of David Blánquez, a computer engineer who decided to develop a technological solution to improve the life of his daughter Marina, who suffers from epilepsy. Thanks to the collaboration of Mobile World Capital, David founded MJN-Seras, a company that produces a device that, when inserted in the ear, sends a digital warning of a possible crisis to both the person suffering from epilepsy and their trusted contacts. David takes pride in having been able to improve people’s quality of life, and so do we.


People are at the center of all our great programs, they give purpose and meaning to what we do: The Collider, Conectividad Inteligente, Barcelona Digital Talent and Digital Future Society.None of this would have been possible without the collaboration of our partner companies and organizations.


On the occasion of this tenth anniversary my special appreciation goes to our founding patron GSMA, which fostered the foundation of Mobile World Capital Barcelona. In just a few days we will be joining forces again to achieve a magical MWC 2022 which will have 5G, Internet of Things, Fintech, TEch Horizon, Advancing AI and CloudNet as its main themes.


And we wouldn’t be here either without Barcelona, a global digital hub and a center for digital ethics on its own right.


Thank you all for your dedication and great work!


It is time to think big and strive for Barcelona’s highest economic and social impact for many years to come!