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Antonio Banderas and Joan Rodón vindicate the role of technology in scenic arts during Mobile Week Malaga

  • A great week of technology initiates today in Malaga with its first Mobile Week which, until the next Sunday 12th, will deploy a schedule of more than 170 free activities for all audiences. The day began with the talk "Application of the Technologies in the scenic Arts" by the actor, director, producer and businessman Antonio Banderas and video designer Joan Rodón.

  • The activities will take place in more than 40 emblematic locations of the city and other municipalities of the province such as Mijas, Ronda and Antequera.


Malaga, 9 of December 2021.- From today, Málaga will become a great playful and participatory space that, with technology as its protagonist, offers the public an unprecedented meeting to experiment, reflect and debate about digitalisation and its integration into our everyday life. Thus, until Sunday 12th, the city will put together a complete agenda of more than 170 free activities dedicated to all audiences with workshops, presentations or demonstrations that invite citizens to enjoy as a family a pioneering proposal in Andalusia. In this sense, during its first day, Mobile Week Málaga launched with the talk 'Application of technologies in scenic arts', held by the actor, director, producer and businessman Antonio Banderas and the video scene designer Joan Rodón, that took place at the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank courtesy of CaixaBank, a partner of Mobile Week Málaga. During the act, Banderas and Rodón delved into the details of the set design focussing on the musical theatre named Company -a show whose music and lyrics were written by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth plus it’s directed and stars Antonio Banderas. It will be on display until March at the Teatre del Soho CaixaBank of Málaga- and discussed the influence of technology and digitalization revolving around contemporary theatrical productions.

Prior to the event, CaixaBank's Eastern Andalusia regional director, Juan Ignacio Zafra, who hosted the event, referred to Mobile Week as “a project that unites this cultural Malaga with the innovative and technological Malaga” and affirms that "This city is an international benchmark, and actions like these transfer the innovative impulse to citizens".

Regarding the set of activities of Mobile Week Málaga, the mayor of the city, Francisco de la Torre stressed that “this initiative is the result of the need to make a complementary effort to promote the avant-garde in terms of digital transformation in our society with a direct impact to improve the lives of citizens”. Along with the mayor, the CEO of the Foundation Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Carlos Grau, recalled that “our country is the world’s capital of mobile technologies and, as a result of this capital, we promote projects like these, with the aim of promoting a social legacy where we do not leave anyone behind”.

Mobile Week Málaga is an initiative of the Foundation Mobile World Capital Barcelona, organized by the City Council of Málaga through FYCMA (Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga) with the collaboration of the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales. It counts with the institutional support of the Digital Agency of Andalusia and the Diputación de Málaga. In addition, the private and corporate sectors are led by CaixaBank, Cervesas Victoria Málaga, Ericcson, Fundación Orange, Hidralia, Telefónica, Vodafone Business and Autocinema Málaga, which act as partners in the initiative. It is an integrative project that connects the tools offered by technology with social and cultural concerns, placing citizens at the centre of the digitalisation process.

In addition, Mobile Week Málaga will be possible thanks to the alliance and collaboration of more than 75 companies, entities, and institutions in the field of academia, business and other representatives of civil society that act as organizers of the various activities planned.

Activities: more than 40 locations

The initiative takes place in more than 40 emblematic locations around the city, such as the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Málaga; the CaixaBank Soho Theater; the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga; Malaga TechPark; the Malaga Red Cross provincial office; the University of Malaga; La Sínia; the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales; EVAD, The Video Game Factory; The White Box; FYCMA; the Vertex Building; the Aeronautical Museum of Malaga; Home Giants; the Andalusian Open Future Lantern; the Regional University Hospital of Malaga; or  in different parts of the city such as the Plaza del Bisbe, Plaza de la Merced or Plaza del Teatro de Málaga, among others. In addition, activities are contemplated in other municipalities of the province like Mijas, Ronda and Antequera.

The citizens of Malaga are invited to participate during this week in the activities of a program specially designed for family enjoyment, having the opportunity to experiment and reflect about the responsible usage of technology and its opportunities in terms of access to culture, improvement of quality of life, privacy, sustainability, or security.

The program is structured around four themes that deal with digital transformation, training, communication, and social sustainability. These themes bring together content related to new ways of relating and interacting, the transformation of the work and educational environment or the impact of digitalisation on access to information.

Those who wish to attend and participate in the program can find all the information about registration on the website, as some require prior registration for capacity issues.

More information at and on the Facebook, Twitter (@mWeekMalaga) and Instagram profiles.
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