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Mobile World Capital Barcelona selects 12 startups to participate in MWC Shanghai and explore the Asian market

  • MWCapital is organising this initiative, together with the Ministry of Economy and Business (, the Generalitat de Catalunya (with ACCIÓ) and Barcelona City Council through Promoción Económica Internacional and Barcelona Activa.


Twelve companies linked to technology and innovation applied to sectors such as marketing, telecommunications, commerce and agriculture have been selected by Mobile World Capital Barcelona to travel to MWC Shanghai. The aim of this initiative is to help digital-based companies to access the Asian market and explore new business opportunities.

At MWC Shanghai, which will be held from 28 to 30 June, participating companies will have an exhibition space in the Congress Innovation Zone (5GIN). During their stay, they will have the opportunity to present their company in pitch sessions, participate in one-to-one meetings and attend workshops on how to raise funds in China, among other activities.

This is the seventh year that MWCapital has organised this initiative, together with the Ministry of Economy and Business (, the Generalitat de Catalunya (with ACCIÓ) and Barcelona City Council (International Economic Promotion and Barcelona Activa).

The delegation is formed by:

Clickage (Galicia): ClickAge offers digital marketing solutions to help companies achieve their business goals. They specialise in Business Intelligence and help companies create relevant content for their audience to increase customer loyalty.

Eqidata (Madrid): Develops and markets EQIDATA software and related value-added services to help brands take control and drive their global e-commerce. In order to optimise their return on online investments. They primarily serve prestigious international clients from their offices in Spain and China.

Feeder (Barcelona). Feeder is an audience analysis tool that uses facial recognition to measure people's reactions to audiovisual advertising. With an algorithm that is unique in the world, it translates these emotions into qualitative metrics that are easily understood by people with no knowledge of neuromarketing or psychology.

GC Genomics (Badajoz): This is an R&D company dedicated to the genetic improvement of animals and plants through an innovative method called genomic selection. This method uses bioinformatics algorithms and artificial intelligence to predict the genetic or reproductive value of an organism from its genetic information.

Hovering Solutions (Madrid): Uses autonomous drones to inspect and digitise underground spaces, a niche market, but with great potential, as many cities have hundreds of kilometres of sewage networks that cannot be inspected by humans due to the risks involved.

Iquall (Barcelona): A company that specialises in software solutions and consultancy for companies in areas such as data analysis, application development and project management. Its aim is to simplify operations, improve efficiency and increase revenue through new monetisation models.

Locatium (Granada): Technology company focused on automating business processes and improving operational efficiency through AI technology and machine learning. Its main activity focuses on the development and implementation of digital solutions to improve the management of supply chain processes, logistics and fleet management.

Spika Tech (Madrid): A company dedicated to the technology sector that seeks to innovate in different fields through research and design. It has health and robotics research laboratories, applying artificial intelligence and virtual reality techniques.

Touchless Animal Metrics (Barcelona): A company that applies robotics and Artificial Intelligence to transform (pig) farming into a sustainable activity. Its equipment can be installed quickly and allows continuous monitoring of growth, health, welfare and efficiency in order to know the state of the animals.

Uttopion (Madrid): Uttopion is the first Spanish metaverse that offers two qualitative communities focused on music and sports content, called Musichood and Sportsvilla, respectively. Its main objective is to help users, content creators and brands to create audiovisual content and connect with their community in 3D virtual spaces, where they can create businesses, organise events and grow their brands.

Viewtinet (Madrid): Viewtinet offers Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions for IT/IoT ecosystems, with a plug & play solution that reduces costs and configuration time.

Wipass (Barcelona): Wipass is an ICT company that provides connectivity and digital experience solutions to the hospitality industry and other related sectors. Its NFC technology enables phygital experiences in physical environments such as hotels and restaurants, and its Wi-Fi connectivity solution improves internet accessibility for customers.
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