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Mobile World Capital Barcelona selects 17 startups to participate in MWC Las Vegas and explore the American market

  • MWCapital is organising this initiative, together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation - through -, the Generalitat de Catalunya - with ACCIÓ - and Barcelona City Council through Promoción Económica Internacional and Barcelona Activa. 

Barcelona, 18 of september 2023.- Seventeen companies linked to technology and innovation applied to sectors such as marketing, telecommunications, metaverse, commerce and health have been selected by Mobile World Capital Barcelona to travel to MWC Las Vegas. The aim of this initiative is to help digital-based companies to access the American market and explore new business opportunities. 

During MWC Las Vegas, which will be held from 26 to 28 September, participating companies will be present in the exhibition space in the innovation zone of the Congress at the Hub Startup & Innovation zone. There, they will have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one meetings and attend conferences about the North American market, among other activities. 

An initiative of MWCapital together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation - through -, the Generalitat de Catalunya - with ACCIÓ - and Barcelona City Council, International Economic Promotion and Barcelona Activa. 

The delegation is conformed by: 

Accent Systems (Catalonia): Accent Systems is a company that offers advanced technological solutions, such as traceability and location devices, access control systems and security solutions in the workplace through IoT and LTE-M technologies.  

Bloock (Catalonia): Bloock is a distributed log technology (DLT) and data validation company. They provide solutions and services for data security, integrity and authenticity using technologies such as blockchain.  

EcaptureDtech (Extremadura): ecaptureDtech is a technology company based on the processing of photographs or videos captured from any camera, including mobile phones, by generating 3D models or 2D image analysis.  

Extendra (Madrid): Extendra is a company dedicated to the development and implementation of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions. In addition, Extendra Hub develops a VR application that provides virtual spaces for training, remote work, meetings, virtual events or showrooms.  

Feeder (Catalonia). Feeder is an audience analysis tool that uses facial recognition to measure people's reactions to audiovisual advertising. With an algorithm that is unique in the world, it translates these emotions into qualitative metrics that are easily understood by people with no knowledge of neuromarketing or psychology.   

Futura Space (Catalonia): Futura Space is a studio specialising in immersive technologies. Through its XR Lab they develop solutions that aim to facilitate virtual communications through holo-presential and immersive spaces. 

Imascono (Aragón): Imascono is a creative technology studio specialising in Extended Reality and the creation of virtual worlds in the metaverse. It aims to improve the business strategy of its clients through state-of-the-art products and services in the field of immersive technology. 

Irisbond (País Vasco): IRISBOND is a company that specialises in eye-tracking technology and devices for interacting with devices or machinery using the eyes. It also contributes to the diagnosis of certain pathologies thanks to eye movement. 

Iquall (Catalonia): A company that specialises in software solutions and consultancy for companies in areas such as data analysis, application development and project management. Its aim is to simplify operations, improve efficiency and increase revenue through new monetisation models.   

Locatium (Andalusia): A technology company focused on automating business processes and improving operational efficiency through AI technology and machine learning. Its core business focuses on the development and implementation of digital solutions to improve the management of supply chain processes, logistics and fleet management.   

Nimble Diagnostics (Catalonia): It is a healthcare technology company specialising in the development of software solutions and data analytics for the healthcare industry. Its goal is to improve cardiovascular care, clinical data management and operational efficiency for patients with stents. 

Nexiona (Catalonia): Nexiona specialises in the design, development and marketing of software solutions and services for the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 data projects. Its goal is to help organisations make the most of the digital transformation and business opportunities in the field of Industry 4.0.  

Onirix (Asturies): Onirix is a low-code platform that allows users to create augmented reality experiences to improve business experiences.  

Spika Tech (Madrid): A company dedicated to the technology sector that seeks to innovate in different fields through research and design. It has research laboratories in health and robotics, applying artificial intelligence and virtual reality techniques.  

Uttopion (Madrid): Uttopion is the first Spanish metaverse to offer two qualitative communities focused on music and sports content, called Musichood and Sportsvilla, respectively. Its main objective is to help users, content creators and brands to create audiovisual content and connect with their community in 3D virtual spaces, where they can create businesses, organise events and grow their brands.    

Viewtinet (Madrid): Viewtinet offers Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions for IT/IoT ecosystems, with a plug & play solution that reduces costs and configuration times.  

Wavecontrol (Catalunya): Wavecontrol is an engineering company that designs, develops and distributes professional instruments for the measurement, monitoring and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields.  
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