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Tech&Play, Mobile World Capital Barcelona’s technology festival that brings technology closer to the public

  • Tech&Play offers thirty free activities and conferences open to the public to interact simply and dynamically with the technological solutions that will shape our future.

  • Mobile World Capital Barcelona is organizing this first edition of Tech&Play, an event carried out together with of the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council. The proposal also has the support of CaixaBank, Damm and Vodafone.

  • The festival will take place from 17 to 19 March and will feature influencers from the digital world such as Chema Alonso, Gerard Moreno and Hand Solo, who will accompany citizens in this digital experience.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona presented this Monday the Tech&Play project, the first technology festival aimed at everyone, which will bring the technological advances and experiences showcased during the latest edition of MWC Barcelona to the public. The festival aims to humanize technology so that everyone can access it and do so in a fun, simple and educational way.

Throughout the weekend of 17 to 19 March, at the Teatre Lliure de Montjuïc, there will be around thirty activities designed for children and adults, so that they can experiment with these new technologies. Specifically, six keynotes and conferences will be held by experts in technology and digital innovation such as Neil Harbisson, Becky Miss HootHoot, Chema Alonso, Sister Lucia Caram, Hand Solo and Gerard Romero. The day will also feature the success tour Feel The Technology, where the visitor can take an immersive circuit through the 5 senses to get closer to the latest trends in the digital world.

In addition, on Sunday will take place the 'Family Day', a day aimed at the youngest members of the family, where they will be able to enjoy activities designed specifically for them to encourage digital skills and abilities in a fun way.

Other activities to be found throughout Tech&Play will be: an exhibition of works of art inspired by Barcelona and in digital format, thanks to the Moool art gallery; the Plantiverse, where you can have a conversation with the interactive plants Herbie and Mentie, or ZOOHHH!, a holographic zoo, where through a volumetric screen the youngest can interact with four animals from the Barcelona Zoo.

The CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Francesc Fajula, stresses that "we are creating an ambitious proposal that aims to become the technology festival for everyone and in this first year we reaffirm the commitment we have as MWCapital to bring technology closer to society and to do so with activities for everyone".

Tech&Play is an initiative of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, promoted by the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Government of Catalonia nd Barcelona City Council, with the support of CaixaBank, Damm and Vodafone.

The main characters of this technological journey

During Tech&Play, attendees will be able to enjoy the presence of influential figures in the world of technology and digitalization, such as the hacking and technological security expert Chema Alonso; the journalist and streamer Gerard Romero; the gaming streamer Becky Srta. HootHoot, or Neil Harbisson, the first person to live with an antenna implanted in his head, and who is officially recognized as a 'cyborg'. During these three days there will also be shows to liven up the day. Among them, the renowned magician Antonio Martínez will be in charge of surprising the audience with tricks that will connect magic with technology.

Sunday will see the arrival of 'Family Day', a day dedicated specifically to the youngest members of the family, where they will be able to take part in unique activities such as a virtual reality experience to raise awareness of the damage caused by bullying, in which participants will have the support and advice of the young David Aguilar, better known as Hand Solo.

There will also be the launch of the collaborative video game 'BETA: Univers Magsys', which has been created jointly by the characters of the 'BETA' programmed on the CCMA's SX3 channel and the Catalan production company Gestmusic. The first foray into the metaverse to introduce new consumer habits for children through elements of the culture and traditions of Catalonia thanks to the ROBLOX platform.
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