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The Alt Pirineu 5G Area makes the first live torchlight descent 5G broadcast possible

  • The torchlight descent in Erill la Vall will be broadcast live today, Saturday, July 9, from 10 p.m. on the web of Pirineus TV.

  • This pilot will be the first ever 5G broadcast event in the Catalan Pyrenees as part of the Areas 5G project promoted by the Government of Catalonia, Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the i2CAT Foundation within the framework of the 5G Strategy of Catalonia.

  • Telefónica 5G network will make the real time and low latency
    connection possible. 

Barcelona, ​​July 9, 2022. - The first live 5G broadcast torchlight descent in Erill la Vall, a town in the Boí Valley, to take place this Saturday July 9th, comes as a result of the 5G Areas initiative, promoted by the Department of the Vice Presidency and Digital Policies and Territory of the Government of Catalonia within the framework of the 5G Strategy of Catalonia. The pilot has the support of Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the i2CAT Foundation.

A four cameras mobile unit and two reporters using 5G mobile devices will carry out the 5G live broadcast: one of the reporters will film the start of the descent, whereas the second will cover the arrival in town and interview participants and representatives - Telefónica will provide 5G coverage via the 5G node in the valley.

This pilot aims at testing and assessing 5G technology applied to live event broadcasting. 5G’s low latency and high bandwidth makes live connections with mobile devices possible thus substantially improving the experience of professionals, as well as that of the end user. This is also especially relevant as far as live event broadcasting in remote areas.

The first pilot to be carried out as part of the Alt Pirineu 5G Area project under the leadership of the Institute for the Development and Promotion of Alt Pirineu and Aran (IDAPA) was supported by the Lleida Council, the Lleida Chamber of Commerce, the Seu d'Urgell City Council and the Tremp City Council. The Vall de Boí City Council and the Vall de Boí Board of Trustees also contributed.

5G areas, a key project to improve the provision of services in the territory

The 5G Areas Project aims to boost the 5G Catalan ecosystem and to transform Catalonia into one of the digital hubs of Europe, an international reference regarding this technology. Aiming to improve the already existing technology services, promote the commercial use of the 5G network and promote its extension, promoting use case and proof test in real environments and promoting a digital economy beyond urban areas. The local economy will be dynamized while the actors are connected with the ecosystem, fostering participation.

The 5G Areas are expected to become both long-lasting structures throughout Catalonia with a model of public and private co-investment and also benchmarks for disseminating and providing training in the potential offered by this technology, its facilitating and integrating nature and its capacity to generate new business models. It is also a tool in fighting the depopulation of these areas, encouraging digital talent to settle to respond to the region’s digital transformation.

The project has been deployed throughout the whole of Catalonia via 5G Areas Aran, Alt Pirineu, Terres de l'Ebre, Ponent, Camp de Tarragona, Penedès, Central Catalonia and Girona. The objective of the initiative is to dynamize and digitize sectors such as rural, livestock, agri-food, socio-health, commercial, logistics, industrial, tourism or energy, among others.

The torchlight descent, back to normal

In the days leading up to and after the midsummer night, up to 63 towns in the Pyrenees celebrate the torchlight descent or Fallas, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage tradition. The 2022 edition returns to normal after two editions marked by the coronavirus-driven restrictions. The descent takes place in several towns starting at dusk at a "lighthouse" set up in the mountain from which the crowd bearing the torches begin to descend. Led by the foreman, once they arrive in town they are greeted by the crowds and many visitors at the sound of music and tolling bells.



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