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The electromobility network, Endolla Barcelona, will optimize energy consumption through its collaboration with the Canadian company Awesense

  • Awesense won the Tech & Climate call driven by Digital Future Society, a programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona

  • Endolla Barcelona of B: SM is the largest public network of electric vehicle charging points in Spain and one of the largest in Europe

  • The pilot test will launch during the first four months of 2022

Barcelona, January 28, 2022.- Advancing towards efficient energy management is one of the greatest challenges of the current electric mobility, another challenge is the increased need of charging infrastructure throughout the territory. To continue advancing in the optimization of electricity consumption, B: SM via its network Endolla Barcelona, will implement the pilot test Awesense Digital Energy Platform, an awarded solutions of the Tech & Climate 2020 innovation challenge convened by Digital Future Society with the collaboration of the City Council of Barcelona.

Endolla Barcelona is the largest urban network in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, with 600 charging points distributed throughout the city (6 points / km2). To encourage the growth of the service, B: SM works with Endolla Barcelona, a network that seeks to lead electric mobility in the city and become a driving force in the sector by promoting public-private partnerships, based on the exchange of knowledge, innovation, and contribution of value.

In this context, the alliance between Digital Future Society and B: SM will provide the Awesense solution an ideal scenario to study one of the biggest challenges of electromobility in Barcelona: the intelligent management of energy. More precisely, Awesense Digital Energy Platform will help optimize the energy consumption of the different Endolla sites and, consequently, help reduce the environmental impact of mobility.

The implementation of the pilot test, which will take place over 12 months, will launch during the first four months of 2022, and brings us one step closer towards the zero emissions target.

A tool to respond to the growth of electric mobility

Awesense’s Digital Energy Platform is a tool designed to meet the growing needs of sustainable urban mobility. The app is especially valuable for utilities, such as B: SM, and energy providers, as it helps them gather data analysis software to subsequently define the energy systems of the future.

Awesense’s technology solution aims to drive the decentralized and decarbonized future of energy, combining energy and geospatial data to optimize its efficiency, and identify problems by tracking parameters in real time. As for B: SM, the tool will provide information about the current use of charging infrastructures and encourage the possibility of expanding its growing fleet adequately throughout the city.

According to Mischa Steiner, CEO of Awesense: “We’re excited to be working with B:SM to provide the City Council of Barcelona with additional insight into their EV charging infrastructure. This is a great example of the power of data to enable insight into more accurate analytics. We hope this project benefits the people of Barcelona and enhances their access to EV charging infrastructure moving forward”.

On the other hand, the director of Digital Future Society, Cristina Colom, states she is delighted to see that one of the innovative ideas awarded by the Tech&Climate challenge will finally be palpable in Barcelona and emphasizes “These challenges help us connect global players and carry out local initiatives throughout projects in collaboration with partners from the public and private sector. The implemented solutions are proof of how technology is the path towards a sustainable and just society”.

Likewise, Marta Labata, CEO of Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM), points out that “Endolla Barcelona acts as a stimulus engine to establish electric vehicles in Barcelona. We want to impulse this leadership far beyond the growth of public networks and charging points, as we are already leading the European benchmark. Nevertheless, we also want to actively contribute to innovation, among other things, on mechanisms that should allow intelligent energy management, in collaboration with Awesense. And we are doing it through public-private partnerships and innovative projects”.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 milestones aimed to solve environmental, economic, and social challenges around the world. With projects such as Awesense Digital Energy Platform, Barcelona aspires to take a step forward to build a future with clean cities and green energy. It is an initiative aligned with the SDGs that can guarantee environmental sustainability and thus integrate renewable energy into the structure of the city.
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