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The Family Day event of Tech&Play festival, a day for the whole family to play with technology

  • The youngest members of the family will be the stars of the final day of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona technology festival.

  • The Family Day will have 11 activities programmed so that, through games, children and young people can foster their digital skills and abilities in a fun way.

  • Mobile World Capital Barcelona is organising this first edition of Tech&Play, an event that also has the support of the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the Generalitat de Catalunya and Barcelona City Council. CaixaBank, Damm and Vodafone are also collaborating


Mobile World Capital Barcelona is promoting a day for families with the aim of bringing technology closer to children and adults. Family Day, part of the Tech&Play technology festival, will take place on 19 March from 10 am to 4 pm. Throughout Sunday, families, and especially the youngest ones, will be able to enjoy a dozen activities designed to promote their digital skills and abilities in a fun way.

During the whole day, there will take place collective activities for the youngest children and their families. For example, children can learn how to give a second life to objects that would normally be thrown away through imagination and creativity; play with a robotic device where they will have to understand how to move it and avoid obstacles, as well as a workshop to create sounds from objects devised by Playtronica; fly in Mini Drons prepared by the company BCN Drone Center; or explore the proposal of Codelearn, which has designed a digital escape room.

They will also be able to experience the virtual reality experience created by Seeds Experience, where a bullying situation will be recreated and participants can live it from different perspectives with the aim of raising awareness of the dangers of this type of behaviour and the different ways to detect it, avoid it or report it. This activity will have the help and advice of young David Aguilar, also known as Hand Solo, who is known for building a prosthetic arm from LEGO pieces.

During this day, in addition to the exclusive activities of Family Day, the rest of the experiences of the Tech&Play festival, which will kick off on 17 March, will also continue, such as the 'Feel The Technology' sensorial route through Barcelona, the Holographic ZOO, the Plantivers or the visit to the Moool digital art gallery. In parallel, there will also feature shows to liven up the day: one of them by the magician Antonio Martínez, who will combine magic and technology.

Metaverse and video games

One of the highlights of Family Day will be the launch of the video game created by the CCMA's SX3 channel and the Catalan production company Gestmusic. It is called 'BETA: Univers Megsys' and takes a journey through Catalan tradition and culture through the metaverse, with the aim of generating new consumer habits among young people. In addition to the presentation, which will be given by the 4 protagonists of BETA, there will be a 'Game Party', where children will be able to live in first person the experience of this videogame and play with their idols.

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