Startup Ecosystem Overview 2019
Discover the state of the art of the Spanish startup ecosystem


The Digital Startup Ecosystem Overview 2019 analyses the state of the Spanish startup ecosystem, the situation of the main European hubs and its capability to attract talent. The report shows the maturity of the Spanish entrepreneurial landscape through an overview of the most outstanding investment rounds, the top invested sectors, and the main figures, among others. The report emphasizes the current state of Barcelona, the main digital hub in the country which shows an increasing global value.
Barcelona offers a large and very international tech andstartup scene. Today, the city is already home to some of Europe’s most promising startups, like Glovo, Travelperk, and many more.
Thomas Ohr, Editor in Chief
Investment volume in Spanish tech companies has increased steadily and surpassed €1 billion for the first time in 2018.
Startup Ecosystem Overview 2019