Tech Watch Agrofood report


Tech Watch Agrofood report is the result of a collaboration between The Collider, the innovation program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Grupo Vall Companys - Zyrcular Foods, supervised by IRTA and a comittee of thirty experts.

Agrofood Industry demands a necessary connection between all of its agents involved locally and internationally, specially in regions like Catalonia and the south of Europe where a mass production of food is located. Every involved agent must understand what is moving the innovation in this sector, innovation engines promoted specially by the consumer and its consume habits. Production sustainability, circularity, zero waste, reuse, personalized nurtition and zero kilometer food are trends that have been imposed in the last few years and should become the milestones of sector's growth.

To consolidate Catalonia and the south of Europe as a reference agrofood hub we should go beyond the creation of tech-based companies, we should understand the progressive open innovation paradigms.
The digitization of the sector will strengthen the international competitiveness of our agri-food industry. We have a mature innovation ecosystem, a benchmark in Europe, and excellent scientific production. If we combine both factors, we have the conditions to become the next European Food Valley.
Oscar Sala, director de The Collider