The Future of Higher Education


The Future of Higher Education report is the result of an investigation initiative promoted by Mobile World Capital and EDT & Partners that is presented within the World Higher Education Conference 2022 organised by UNESCO in Barcelona. The objective of this document is to imagine what could it be the higher education in the comming years and decades, at the same time that new ideas, thinking processess, reflections, reference practises and new applicable technologies are proposed.

The abundance of knowledge and the growing challenges in education with few solution options are driving the higher education to a necessary process of transformation that make it more flexible and innovative. To achive it, governments, industry, society, educational institutions and entrepreneurs must collaborate to find new solutions.

Today, universities and higher education institutions are in a globalized, diverse and complex environment, where the knowledge offer is large and the criteria of the students to choose is increasingly personal. That will motivate changes in the traditional structures of this institutions.

The traditional vision of this institutions shall live together with new approachs to value them, such as inclusivity, sustaniability, digitalization and new tools and ways to obtain knowlegde. Today, the new technologies are present in every way of learning and allow us to collect a huge amount of data about experiences an needs of students and teachers. Every actor involved shall work with this data to offer solutions with impact in higher education institutions that will have a positive impact in the student's future jobs.

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