Be part of the worldwide network of young fact-checkers!

The Teen Fact-Checking Network (TFCN) is a prestigious, one-of-a-kind fellowship program that brings together teens from around the world dedicated to fact-checking. MediaWise has successfully run the program with high school students in the United States for over 4 years. The TFCN Fellowship is active in the U.S., Germany, India, and Brazil, where dozens of young people verify internet hoaxes and debunk them via TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

After an alliance between Mediawise, Verificat, and MWC, we are creating an editorial office of the Teen Fact-Checking Network in Spain, and for this, we are looking for 10 young people with a critical spirit committed to the fight against disinformation. This is a 4-month scholarship with economic compensation in which you will be part of an online newsroom with other young people from Spain and journalists from Verificat, the first fact-checking organization in Catalonia.

You will investigate false or misleading content on social networks, verify them and produce videos for TikTok and Instagram to spread truthful and quality information.

    ● People between 15 and 19 years old
    ● Young people who like to research topics in depth and explain them to others
    ● Young people who follow current affairs and are up to date with what is circulating on social networks
    ● Young people who enjoy talking in front of a camera and publishing content on social networks
This is a 4-month paid internship, during which you will be part of a digital newsroom led by a professional fact-checker from Verificat, along with 9 other participants. Your duties will be:
    ● Find hoaxes and false rumors on social networks
    ● Verify if they are true through reference sources
    ● Produce 4 videos for TikTok and Instagram explaining your verifications
    ● Participate in training sessions on fact-checking tools
    ● Training as a professional fact-checker by Verificat journalists
    ● Participate in an online newsroom with other young people
    ● Share your publications on Verificat’s social networks
    ● Receive a €405 scholarship allowance
    ● Obtain a TikToker kit, which you can keep once the scholarship is over
    ● Certificate of recognition of participation in the program

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