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The power of connected territories


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Eduard Martín, Intelligent Connectivity director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Sometimes, it’s difficult for people to relate with concepts such as inclusive digital transformation with a positive impact on all sectors. Being able to give practical examples of this process that is revolutionizing our society is, precisely, one of the most interesting things about being part of Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

The Àrees 5G initiative promoted by the Intelligent Connectivity area that I lead is one of these examples: promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the i2CAT Foundation, Àrees 5G has managed to drive technology throughout Catalonia, also reaching the most remote areas and those living there: the countryside, the farmers, the livestock production centers. And it has also managed to transfer technology from the countryside, or created in the countryside, to the city. Because, if given the opportunity, we are all capable of developing technological solutions with a positive impact and for all environments.


Precisely that was the objective of the Àrees 5G project, which has set up areas in which initiatives have been promoted to roll out 5G technology and its use. Alt Pirineu, Aran, Barcelona, Camp de Tarragona, Catalunya Central, Girona, Penedès, Ponent and Terres del Ebre; all these territories have seen testing laboratories with 5G technology open, training activities and pilot projects being carried out. Research has been done on how to expand broadband and reduce digital gaps. Àrees 5G has prevented depopulation by preserving local talent and contributed to improving the competitiveness of companies. This has been achieved thanks to the collaborative effort of institutions, universities and local agents, which territory after territory, has impacted the whole of Cataluña.

And, precisely so that people can relate to the latter, here are some mention worthy projects by Àrees 5G: Biel Glasses in the Àrea 5G Camp de Tarragona, the first smart glasses that assist people with impaired vision thanks to the recognition and signaling of obstacles, traffic lights or urban furniture. 5G Rural, in the Àrea 5G Ponent, a pioneering initiative that has connected a farm -a nectarine field- through 5G to remotely manage processes such as pruning or harvesting. Or Ebredrone, in the Àrea 5G Terres de l’Ebre, a start-up that offers quick and efficient solutions to technical problems in different areas of action through the processing of drone imaging.

In the Intelligent Connectivity area of Mobile World Capital Barcelona we believe that, by promoting groundbreaking projects and services based on intelligent telecommunications networks, we create real value for society. Àrees 5G and its technological fruits show us that we are on the right track. And also that, by putting people at the center and making sure that the whole territory has the necessary digital tools and skills, we can contribute to great positive changes in our society.