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Mobile World Capital 10th anniversary


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Revolution begins with a question

2022 marks a very special milestone in the history of MWCapital: we celebrate our 10th anniversary. And we turn 10 years keeping alive the objective with which we were born: to promote the digitialization of society and improve people's lives through technology.

In these 10 years we have generated a strong impact for the industry and people by promoting innovation, digital talent or debating about the impact of technology on our society. We have created 4YFN, the first startup and innovation program, and we have played a key role in the deployment of 5G technology in Catalonia and Spain. For 10 years we have been changing the questions to find the answers of the future. But all this could not have been possible without the support of our trustees, public institutions and the business ecosystem. We have collaborated closely with them throughout this decade to carry out projects that always keep a common axis: people

On the occasion of our anniversary, we wanted to give them and the MWCapital team a voice in a video that briefly but clearly summarizes our 10 year legacy and our present and future impact on society.