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Barcelona Digital Talent, an alliance for positioning Barcelona as a hub to promote digital skills

This is a public-private initiative promoted by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech City, 22@Network, Foment del Treball Nacional, the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Hall. It seeks to create and retain professionals with digital skills in Barcelona and to attract international talent The alliance will also use marketing intelligence […]

Cellnex joins the 5G Barcelona initiative

The company will provide 5G Barcelona with its experience and knowledge in developing the connectivity infrastructures necessary to deploy this technology. Cellnex will collaborate with 5G Barcelona to develop a pilot project in safety and emergency communications. Barcelona, 5 December 2018.- Cellnex Telecom and 5G Barcelona have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development […]

The 5G National Observatory is launched with 1.5 million euros in initial funding

Today saw the launch of the initiative, which will receive €900k in funding from and a further €600k from Mobile World Capital Barcelona Other institutions, foundations or companies that share the aim of promoting the deployment of 5G technology in Spain may also join the Observatory The European Commission estimates that introducing 5G technology […]

The Secretary of State’s Office for Digital Advancement, and MWCapital create the 5G National Observatory

It will contribute to standardisation and innovation for sharing knowledge of 5G throughout Spain The Observatory will provide assistance to the Technical Office for the 5G National Plan in coordinating public-private synergies Other institutions, foundations or companies also committed to encouraging the deployment of 5G in Spain may be incorporated 20 November 2018.- The Ministry […]

Mobile World Capital Barcelona launches Digital Future Society, a think tank for worldwide technology and citizen training

Digital Future Society (DFS) has gathered together over 70 Spanish and international leaders at its first Summit, a meeting that took place as part of SCEWC and focused on how to build a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable future in the digital era By bringing together technology experts, legislators, civil organisations, corporations, industries and entrepreneurs, […]

Epilepsy sufferers will have an average of 7 minutes to assume a safe position and to prevent accidents and injuries

MWCapital, MJN and Clínica Corachan have successfully completed the clinical assay for evaluating the effectiveness of MJN-Seras, a portable device for the early detection of epilepsy seizures MJN-Seras was the winning project of the second challenge of d-LAB, MWCapital’s social impact programme designed to improve people’s lives through technology Clínica Corachan will open an Epilepsy […]

Mobile Week Coruña presents a programme of over 100 speakers that will deal with the impact of digitalisation on society

This is an initiative of Mobile World Capital Barcelona promoted by the Club Financiero Atlántico, with the support of A Coruña City Council, A Coruña Provincial Council and the Autonomous Government of Galicia, through the Agency for Technological Modernisation of Galicia A Coruña, 17 October 2018. The presentation of the contents of Mobile Week Coruña […]

MWCapital and the Barcelona Hotel Guild are to boost innovation in the tourism sector

Both institutions seek to position Barcelona as a benchmark in the global tourism industry Barcelona, 11 October 2018.- The Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation (MWCapital) and the Barcelona Hotel Guild have signed a collaboration agreement to boost innovation in the Catalan tourism sector. This agreement has yielded an activity programme known as the “Travel Innovation […]

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