• The organisation will also create two monographs: ‘5G Handbook’ and ‘5G Innovation’, to promote 5G deployment in Spain and measure its social and economic impact
  • The National 5G Observatory is to prepare other studies relating to Industry 4.0, public security, the media, transport, automobiles, health and agroindustry

Barcelona, 26 February 2019. Today at the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) stand at MWC19 Barcelona, the National 5G Observatory announced that it is to present its initial reports this coming March. The event was hosted by Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital, who presented the initiative, Eduard Martín, CIO of MWCapital, who explained the importance of this new technology for society, and Federico Ruiz, Director of the National 5G Observatory, who described the studies on which the organisation is working.

More specifically, it is to present a report in March on smart cities and tourism and, over the rest of the year, will continue to issue other studies into Industry 4.0, public security, the media and entertainment. The organisation -a public-private initiative by the Secretary of State for Digital Progress, Red.es and MWCapital- also announced that in 2020 it is to present reports on other subjects such as transport, automobiles, health and agroindustry. The goal is to promote 5G deployment in Spain and to measure its social and economic impact.

The Observatory is planning to present the ‘5G Handbook’ monograph in the area of the media and entertainment, and the ‘5G Innovation’ monograph in the area of agroindustry. The first monograph will contain information on 5G and the foreseen impact of adopting this new technology. It will also discuss the types of 5G deployment and the security of this technology. ‘5G Innovation’ will include the H2020 and Celtic projects and will analyse the threats and opportunities for industry. It will also offer a map of startups and will indicate future lines of research.

The Director of the Observatory, Federico Ruiz, explained that the organisation wishes to present all the pilot projects they are developing using 5G technology. “We are firmly committed to share all these initiatives with the public. We should explain this to society. We’re going to put everyone on the map and, more importantly, we’re going to develop the Internet of Things”, he said. He also highlighted the importance of mobilising the innovating ecosystem.