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Mobile World Capital Barcelona backs the smart revolution in the construction industry at BBConstrumat

    • A selection of eight startups operating in building, design and architecture will be taking part in the BB Talks event, focussing on urban innovation

    • On 16 May the entrepreneurs will present their projects to an audience of trade professional and business people

    Barcelona, 9th May 2018.- Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) will be taking part in the next Barcelona Building Construmat through eight startups operating in the construction industry who will present their projects at BB Talks, a conference on urban innovation taking place on 16 May at the Palau de Congressos de Montjuïc conference hall.

    The international call for proposals launched by MWCapital has identified the most innovative technologies applied to construction to thus boost the digitalisation of the sector. Planning, materials, execution and completion of building work, refurbishment of installations and the circular economy are the most notable fields in the proposals received.

    From among these, a total of eight startups from three countries have been chosen to present their projects at the congress on “Urban Innovation and Renewal: from the City to the Material”, organised as part of the BB Talks event. The startups are:

    • Aerial Insights (Spain): a data analysis company specialising in extracting information and creating maps from drone images. They perform precise measurements, volume estimates and work monitoring for the construction and mining industries.

    • AMAGE Systems (Poland): a universal communications platform that permits data exchange among all the companies involved in different stages of industrial construction works.

    • Heaboo (Portugal): a technological solution, called Hoterway, which provides instant hot water to taps and showers, thereby improving energy efficiency in buildings.

    • Ogun (Spain): a technological solution that helps construction companies improve their planning, communication and supply chain integration to provide savings in time and money.

    • Polyhedra Tech (Spain): NECADA is software designed to optimise the life cycle of buildings, based on sustainability criteria, minimising environmental, economic and social impacts in the urban area.

    • SAALG Geomechanics (Spain): DAARWIN is the first software to combine sophisticated numerical tools with real-time auscultation data to predict the progress of building works and optimise the construction process.

    • STIMAT (Spain): reform budget software that helps construction proffesionals to make budgets faster achieving a higher profit margin.

    • Urbytus (Spain): a multilingual platform aimed at homeowners’ associations and property administrators to streamline management of homeowners’ association matters easily and securely.

    During the conference, the startups will present their projects to a panel of sector experts and investors who will choose the best proposals that offer innovative solutions and show the greatest potential for transforming the sector. The selected startups will be awarded a space at BBConstrumat 2019.

    Event details:

    Date: 16 May 2018


    • 10 - 11 a.m.: presentations of the startups

    • 45 p.m.: awarding of the prize for the best startup

    Venue: Palau de Congressos, Montjuïc (Fira Barcelona)

    See the programme here.