Feb 27, 2023 - Mar 2, 2023
09:00H - 19:00H

MWC Barcelona, ​​organized by GSMA, is the world's leading event for the mobile industry.

From February 27 to March 2, 2023, Barcelona will once again be the meeting point for executives from mobile operators, software companies, equipment providers, companies and the largest and most influential internet organizations in vertical industrial sectors, as well as government delegations from around the world.

Come to our stand and experience the city of Barcelona through a phygital sensory journey, mixing the physical and virtual worlds through the five senses. In this space are the first three senses of the route: in taste we will find a different chocolate tasting, in smell we will tour Barcelona through six emblematic smells and with touch we will relive a historical moment of the Olympics.

Discover a new way of experiencing technology. We will wait for you.
📍Location: Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31

If you cannot attend, you can follow all our activity via streaming on this same page.

Monday 27 Martes 28 Miércoles 1 Jueves 2
In this new edition of MWC Barcelona 2023, Mobile World Capital Barcelona presents the personalized and gamified experience that shows services based on disruptive technologies such as immersive reality, the metaverse, or artificial intelligence in different spaces: MWC, 4YFN and Beat Barcelona.​ Under the concept "Feel the Technology", an immersive experience is offered in the form of a phygital sensory tour of Barcelona. Connecting the physical and digital world to reflect on how we interact, communicate and perceive reality. We call the route Feel the Technology, because as its name indicates, we put technology at the service of our senses.​
  • Francesc Fajula, CEO de MWCapital
  • Eduard Martín, director de Conectividad Inteligente
Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31
Barcelona Global is a private, independent and non-profit association composed by 242 of the city's leading companies, research centres, entrepreneurs, business schools, universities and cultural institutions, and more than 930 professionals aiming to make Barcelona one of the world's best cities for talent, and economic activity.​ This session will consist in an explanation of this year MWCapital’s project Feel the Technology and the rest of highlights of MWCapital activities during MWC. ​
  • Francesc Fajula, CEO de MWCapital
  • Eduard Martín, director de Conectividad Inteligente
Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31
From 2009 to 2019, various aspects around the word Blockchain became generalized and were transmitted globally with a greater or lesser understanding of the detail and the impact of what it means in the technological, legal-legal, and socio-economic fields. ​ In this session, we will talk about facts focusing on the evolution of knowledge in the last four years. In a fresh and innovative format, the four moderators will ask all the speakers questions to obtain answers in clear and simple sentences that allow all attendees to achieve a structured vision of the pillars of this technology and the current level of maturity and their structural relationship with the development of the Metaverse and Web 3. ​ These pillars are Digital Identity, Investment, and business promotion and the lessons learned about its dissemination. All the speakers have recognized voices from the last ten years in the Blockchain field. ​PRESENTATION & MODERATION
  • Montse Guardia, CSO at Mobile World Capital Barelona
  • Marta Ambor, Co-founder at Bluechain
  • Xavier Simó – Inlea 
  • Santi Casas –
 Sobre tendencia, ID, Normalización / Estandarización:
  • Joaquim Matinero - RocaJunyent
  • Ignacio Alamillo – Astrea
  • Ismael Arribas – kunfud
  • Vanesa Jimenez – UOC
  • Sobre impulso empresarial / inversión:
  • Gabriela Roberto Baró – Nash21
  • Diego Soro – TeamHeretics
  • Eneko Knörr – Onyze
  • Lluïsa Marsal – CBCat Node Energia
  • Sobre evolución en la divulgación:
  • Mar Meneses – CBCat Academia
  • Fernando Molina – empresa BlockWorldTour
  • Ramon Cano – Byevolution
  • Claudia Arqués– CBCat Event Plan
  • In this panel we will go beyond the technological story and we will comment on the potential impact of the metaverse from an interdisciplinary perspective that will offer us different perspectives such as the environment, cyber violence, technology or the public sector. The key question will be: what lessons have we learned from the digital world so far in the 21st century and what should we take into account when designing the future metaverse?​
    • Eleonora Espósito, Experta en ciber violencia y violencia de género. Experta Nacional Destacada en el European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). Research fellow, Instituto Cultura y Sociedad, Universidad de Navarra.l
    • Lluís Torrent, Experto y consultor independiente en cambio climático. Autor del informe de DFS “Oportunidades y riesgos de las tecnologías emergentes en la década del clima”.
    • Pedro Lozano, Cofundador de Imascono, empresa de tecnologías creativas especializado en Realidad Extendida.
    • Lluís Juncà, Director Genera d’Innovació, Emprenedoria i Economia Digital, Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Olivia Blanchard, investigadora senior Digital Future Society
  • Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31
    Quantum technology is an emerging field of physics and engineering, encompassing technologies that rely on the properties of quantum mechanics, especially quantum entanglement, quantum superposition, and quantum tunneling. ​ This panel will discuss the dissemination of quantum technologies in social networks through experts such as Jaime Gómez, Esperanza Cuenca and Deborah Berebichez.​
    • Montse Guardia, Directora Estrategia MWCAPITAL
    • Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, Presidente bqb

    • Roberto Loredo, IBM Quantum Ambassador Worldwide Lead
    • Jaime Gómez, Head of Architecture and Quantum at Crypto & Blockchain CoE, Banco Santander
    • Javier Mancilla, Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Researcher, Stafford Computing
    • Esperanza Cuenca, Head of Strategy and Outreach, Multiverse Computing
    • Deborah Berebichez, Lead Scientist, Microelectronics and Quatum Computing, VTT

    • Moderator
    • Massimiliano Marinucci, Director de bqb
    Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31
    Presentation of the 'Tech Hubs Overview': Barcelona, ​​European Capital of Technological Hubs Report. This session will takcle the main objectives of the report. ​Moreover, the report includes three main sections. A first section focused on finding out which technology hubs located in Catalonia are and how they operate. In this section, a dimensioning of the current situation is carried out, an approximate characterization of the Hubs in the territory and finally, their impact on the territory is analyzed and quantified. ​ ​This report has mapped a total of 96 technological hubs in Barcelona, ​​of which the 13 most relevant have been interviewed and has captured data through a survey of more than 70% of hubs in the market.​
    • Jordi Arrufí, Barcelona Digital Talent Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona
    • Pau Solanilla, City Promotion Commissioner
    • Susana Pastor, Global IT Barcelona Hub Manager
    • Marc Ferre, Managing Director en Bayer GBS Barcelona
    • Guillem Vila, Technology Centres Director at Ocado
    Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31
    Digital sovereignty is a critical issue for Europe’s future. The European Commission has set an ambitious goal of providing 5G coverage to all populated areas in the next decade. This vision is driven by the immense potential that 5G and beyond technologies offer, from making our lives easier to transforming industry sectors such as manufacturing and health care. However, there are still challenges ahead, including securing the necessary funding, tackling the new cybersecurity threat landscape, establishing a secure and sustainable infrastructure ecosystem, and updating regulation in a new and dynamic technological environment. In this panel of experts, we will explore the opportunities and risks, and discuss how public and private stakeholders can work together to maximize the benefits promised by 5G and beyond technologies.
    • Éric Gaudillat, Head of Sector for 5G Connectivity at DG CONNECT, European Commission
    • Javier Polo Moragon,Product Strategy & Innovation Manager, Cellnex
    • Jesús Alonso Zárate, Director of R&I Strategy in Europe, i2CAT
    • Moderadora: Chelo Fernández, Head of Territorial Innovation, 5G
    CIONET is the largest community of Digital Leaders in Europe and Latin America. CIONET’s mission is to help IT executives become more at ease and above all more successful in their jobs. So, they can do more than just keep up with change but ultimately define it. CIONET opens up a whole new universe of opportunities in IT management.​ With the largest membership of corporate digital leaders across Europe, Latin America, US and Australia, CIONET has the expertise and pioneering vision to solve or address any IT management challenge.​ This session will consist in an explanation of this year MWCapital’s project Feel the Technology and the rest of highlights of MWCapital activities during MWC. ​
    • Eduard Martín, Intelligent Connectivity Director and CIO at Mobile World Capital Barcelona ​
    • Tomeu Sabater, Head of Digital Services​
    • Chelo Fernández, Head of Territorial Innovation
    Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31
    ntroducing taste to the metaverse is one of the main challenges of the Internet of the Senses. This Press Conference will present the taste experience of Feel the Technology: a chocolate tasting in a phygital setting. In this experience the visitor will enjoy a gastronomic experience through the phases of chocolate tasting. ​ The user will receive a chocolate bonbon specially created by Germans Roca according to their olfactory profile created in the 'smell experience'. These are three creations based on three different tastes: sour, sweet and spicy.​ ​Next, the visitor will begin a digital journey, a mixture of AR and VR with Quest PRO virtual reality glasses, related to chocolate tasting, guided by the Celler Can Roca master chocolatier. ​ This journey will be a personalized experience, as it will vary according to the user's choice of flavour. A total of 2,000 chocolates will be produced.​ ​
    • Francesc Fajula, CEO at Mobile World Capital Barcelona
    • Eduard Martín, Intelligent Connectivity Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona
    • Josep Roca, sommelier of the restaurant El Celler de Can Roca
    • Jordi Roca, pastry chef of the restaurant El Celler de Can Roca
    Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31
    Among the creative and cultural sectors, media and publishing share some relevant commonalities. In fact, they are both strongly related to content creation and very much affected by the digital transition. While these sectors are working hard to take all the opportunities opened by digital transformation, they are struggling to manage certain aspects' complexity. One of these aspects is certainly the capability to dive into massive amount of data that could potentially transform the business and entire value chain.​ In a world lead by data, the aim of the panel is to discuss why data can drastically transform business and how stakeholders can get ready to take advantage of new technologies and innovation.​ In particular, the panel will focus the discussion on the need to gather data within the publishing and media industries, how data supports and helps these sectors, and the role of data visualization to improve people's awareness and understanding of business and societal aspects. ​ This panel is powered by the Horizon 2020 European Project Möbius, and Digital Future Society (DFS)​
    • Jan Goëtze, Head of Product Management VLB & Metabooks, MVB
    • Alexandru Stan, Head of R&D at IN2 Digital Innovations
    • Laura Aragó, Data visualization expert, La Vanguardia
    • Victòria Oliveres, Journalist specialized in data and visualization, El
    Hall 6 de MWC, stand 6B31
    Google Spain and Mobile World Capital Barcelona come together to present a new agreement that aims to combat fake news in the digital age through a tool open to the fact-checking community.​ ​
    • Francesc Fajula, CEO de MWCapital
    • Miguel Escassi, Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy at Google
    • Manuel Szapiro, Director for the European Commission Delegation in Barcelona


      Monitoring disinformation in Europe: lessons learned by the European Commission's digital media observatories.
    • Ramón Salaverría, Profesor de la Universidad de Navarra


      Shaping a trustful and safe information framework in Europe
    • Ramón Salaverría, Profesor de la Universidad de Navarra
    • Clara Neppel, Senior Director de IEEE Europe
    • Cesar Tello, director at Adigital
    • Andrew Dudfield, Head of product at FullFact
    • Moderator: Montse Guardia, directora de estrategia y responsable del área de sociedad de MWCapital
    Presentation of the ERCA project which aims at digitalizing tele-dialysis treatment to improve the experience of renal patients and improve telemedicine management by healthcare staff. ​ In addition, the results will be presented through different perspectives and stakeholders, such as the Hospital de Bellvitge, a patient of the pilot project, the Ajuntament de l'Hospitalet as a facilitator of innovation projects or the technology supplier, Vodafone.​
    • Francesc Fajula, CEO at MWC Barcelona
    • Dra Montserrat Figuerola, Manager Bellvitge University Hospital. Southern Metropolitan Territorial Management
    • Diego Presa, Territorial Director of Catalonia and Aragon at Vodafone
    • Núria Marín, Mayor of the City Council of L'Hospitalet del Llobregat

    • Presentació de resultats i experiències del projecte ERCA
    • Inés Rama, Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge.
    • Alex Andújar, Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge.
    • Dani Rubio. Patient Pilot Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge
    • Fernando García, Key Account Manager del sector públic de Vodafone​
    • Lluis Traveria, Cap de servei de Projectes Estrategics, Ajuntament Hospitalet Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge
    • Moderator: Lucia Errandonea, MWCapital Barcelona
    Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a fundamental technology for our societies and the economy, with the potential to bring great benefits and advances in areas as relevant and with social impact as health and well-being, employment, education, financial inclusion, large consumer markets, smart cities, among many others. ​ However, the design, development and deployment of these AI systems must be carried out with a focus on inclusion and equity, with a particular focus on gender and an intersectional perspective, in order to mitigate possible ethical risks in their use. Without this perspective, AI advances risk exacerbating existing inequalities and marginalizing the most vulnerable communities in our society. ​ The key question posed in the panel is How can we generate AI systems that promote inclusion and equity and where are we now? ​
    Speakers: ​
    Cecilia Tham, CEO of Futurity Systems​ Karina Gibert Oliveras, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia IDEAI-UPC and doctor in computer science with a specialty in computational statistics and artificial intelligence​ Olivia Blanchard, Senior Resercher at Digital Future Society ​ Nataly Buslón, Postdoctoral researcher at the Barcelona National Supercomputing Center in the "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in STEM" team​ Esther Paniagua, Associate Director at the Center for Governance Change at IE University​ ​ Moderador:​ César Buenadicha, Head of the Lab Discovery Unit at IDB
    What is the future of mobility made of? Teleoperation, digitalization of the road, sensors, digital twins, and more. ​ The future of mobility is here, and it has never been so fascinating. To discuss the sector challenges, experts from different organizations and companies (EIT Urban Mobility, Cellnex, I2Cat) will enlighten the audience with the latest progress and experiments on mobility.​
    This session will tackle digital challenges and opportunities that European and Latin American startups face in the international ecosystem. ​ ​This session is powered by Barcelona City Council, Adigital, Ibero-American General Secretariat and Mobile World Capital Barcelona.
    The Official College of Telecommunications Engineers (COIT) is an institution made up of professionals who work for and for Engineers Telecommunications, defending their rights and generating opportunities. Intending to contribute with professional knowledge and experience to society, COIT carries out an intense collaboration with Universities, Town Halls, Autonomous Communities, and State Administration, as well as with companies and agents in the sector. ​ This meeting will explore the future collaboration between COIT and Mobile World Capital through the 5G National Observatory project. ​
    • Francesc Fajula, CEO at MWC Barcelona
    • Eduard Martín, Intelligent Connectivity Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona and 5G National Observatory Director
    • Federico Ruiz, Head of 5G National Observatory
    • Mónica Navarro, Institutional Relations at COIT
    Smell is key to having a reliable hybridisation of world. The Smell experience of the project Feel the Technology tackles this challenge by creating a scent map where the MWC visitor will travel to 6 emblematic places in Barcelona (Parc Güell, Santa Maria del Mar, Las Ramblas, Petritxol street, Barceloneta and the Camp Nou), each related to with a scent created by a Puig master perfumer.
    • Francesc Fajula, CEO de MWCapital
    • Eduard Martín, director de Conectividad Inteligente
    • Guillem Oña, CEO de AirParfum
    • Gregorio Sola, Perfumista Senior de Puig
    • Camila Tomas, vicepresidenta Nuevas Tecnologías de Puig y representante de esta ruta olfativa (Fútbol Club Barcelona y Parc Güell).
    Presentation event to give visibility to the Giga initiative, founded in 2019, which aims to connect schools around the world to the internet by 2030 and value the project and relationship with the city of Barcelona. During the session, the organization's milestones will be presented, reinforcing the need to achieve global digital inclusion.
    Welcome by Mobile World Capital Barcelona
    • Francesc Fajula, CEO at Mobile World Capital Barcelona

    Institutional representation
    • Ángeles Moreno, Secretary of State for Foreign and Global Affairs at Government of Spain
    • Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence at Government of Spain
    • Gina Tost, secretaria de Políticas Digitales de la Generalitat de Cataluña
    • Laia Bonet, Tercera Teniente de alcaldía del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

    • Keynote
      • Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Secretary General, ITU

      • GIGA Presentation
        • Alex Wong, Co-Lead ITU, Chris Fabian, Co-Lead UNICEF
        • Chris Fabian, Co-Lead UNICEF

      • Maria Solanas,Vice President, UNICEF Spain
    Foment del Treball Nacional is the federation that has represented entrepreneurs and the powerful Catalan industry since 1771. As an independent, private, non-profit organization under the constitutional and legal right of association of employers, it is governed using democratic criteria for freely elected representatives.
    • Francesc Fajula, CEO at MWC Barcelona
    • Francina Alsina, Presidenta de la Taula d'entitats del Tercer Sector de Catalunya
    • Alfons Lara, Director de la European Social Network
    • Francesc Fajula, CEO de la Fundació Mobile World Capital Barcelona
    • Sonia Fuertes, Comissionada d'Acció Social de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona
    • Hable. Sr. Carles Campuzano, Conseller de Drets Socials de la Generalitat de Catalunya

    International Experiences
    • Christopher Wroath, Digital Transformation Director, NHS Eductaion for Scotland
    • Thomas Lyhne, Consultant - Social-og Boligstyrelsen

    • Alfonso Lara, European Social Netwrok Director

    • Carme Millán, directora executiva de la direcció d’autonomia personal, tecnologia i accessibilitat i del Centre de Tiflotecnologia i Innovació (CTI) de l’ONCE
    • Carlos Palacios, director de l’àrea d’Acció Social i Voluntariat de la Fundación Telefónica
    • Julio Calvo, Secretaria Tècnica d’Innovació Social de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona
    • Lluis Torrens, Secretari d'Afers Socials i Famílies de la Generalitat de Catalunya
    • Dúnia Roselló, Directora de comunicació i màrqueting de Suara Cooperativa
    • Max Roures, CEO Dinder Club
    • Gemma Parcerisa, ACIDH
    • Borja Bosch, Project Manager Dinder Club
    Within the framework of MWC Barcelona 2023, a session is proposed to highlight the pilot presentation phase in which the 'Areas 5G' initiative is located, and which represents the next natural step of the project, after 4 years since its implantation.​ In previous editions, the MWC has been a lever to give visibility to the initiative, presenting its purpose and the milestones achieved, such as the inauguration of the 9 5G Areas of Catalonia, with relevant partners from each territory, or the celebration of about twenty training sessions so that employers and entrepreneurs in the country can take advantage of the business benefits that 5G brings. ​ In the coming months, the first 5G laboratories will be inaugurated so that local companies can test the technology and promote pilots and use cases before its launch on the market. ​ In this edition we propose the presentation of two of these pilots, which in addition to dynamizing the local economic and business ecosystem, also present innovative solutions on the social level, highlighting the impact of the deployment of 5G on the citizens of Catalonia. ​ ​
    The technological development of space infrastructures has democratized and universalized quality access to the Internet and the acceleration of the deployment of next-generation telecommunications networks. Space is today a strategic ecosystem, a relevant actor in the sovereignty of states, in the security of their infrastructures and their citizens.
      • Eduard Martín, Intelligent Connectivity Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona and 5G National Observatory Director
      • Federico Ruiz, Head 5G National Observatory
      • Jordi Hereu, President of Hispasat
      • Miguel Ángel Panduro, CEO of Hispasat
      • Miguel Belló, Comisionado para el PERTE Aeroespacial
    European projects are the welcoming door to impulse innovation in your organization. However, reaching them is difficult if you are still working on your network. ​ That is why in this slot, we will give you a chance to learn the funds and projects from the European Commission to bring innovation to the following steps, hear different experiences regarding European projects, and network with all of us to establish synergies in the nearest future.

    Bienvenida a cargo de Eduard Martín, CIO y director de conectividad inteligente de MWCAPITAL
    • Nuno Pedras, Chief Information & Digital Officer GALP ENERGIA
    • David Marimon, VP & CIO Iberia COCA COLA Europacific Partners
    • Jaime González-Peralta, SVP & Global CIO en RADISSON HOTEL GROUP
    • Sergio Peinado, CIO GRUPO CORREOS
    • Marian Illera, CIO SEURl
    • Rocío López, CIO en ING España y Portugal
    Moderada por Juan Antonio Relaño, presidente del CIO Executive Council y CIO de Bosch España
    Climate change, Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are concepts that have become part of our daily lives. In order to find out how sustainability criteria are being introduced in companies and the challenges involved, the CIO Executive Council and MWCapital are organizing this roundtable discussion. ​ What is certain is that there is willingness and awareness and that it is no longer only the customer who demands sustainability, but investors are also concerned and require companies to be sustainable. ​ Even employees are less willing to work in companies where there is no clear strategy around sustainability, affecting the attraction of talent. This transition will only be possible with the contribution of technology, which must also make sustainability criteria a priority.
    ESIC's purpose is to contribute to students’ transformation so that they can develop successfully in their professional lives in a responsible way, anchored in ethical values and working as agents of change in their organisations and their social environment.​ This session will present the results of a research project on the Barcelona Digital Business Ecosystem. This panel is powered by ESIC​
    • Joan Baltá Pelegrí, Coordinator of Digital Business at ESIC
    After an extremely successful first edition in 2021, Hack the Hospital is back with a simple goal: improve paediatric patient's life.​ This time we are taking one step further and we aim to design the room of the future and also ensure they have the most comfortable, safe and efficient experience at the hospital.​ Whether you are envisioning a kid's wonderland or a replica of their own home; we are just dreaming to make their experience as comfortable and safe as possible, and the healthcare professionals' work as streamlined and efficient as we can.
    MWCapital, Huawei and Hospital Clínic present a session to explore, led by industry experts, the advances that are yet to come in healthcare, taking advantage of emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and immersive technologies (VR, AR and MRI) that, in combination with haptic and wearable devices, improve patient care and help prevent the collapse of the healthcare system.​
    • Eduard Martín, Intelligent Connectivity Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona and 5G National Observatory Director ​
    • Therese Jamaa, vice-president of Huawei Spain​
    • Dr. Josep M. Campistol, General Director of the Hospital Clínic​
    • José Fuertes, CEO of Owo
    Since 2003, Third Sector Table represents all Catalan social entities, defend social rights and fight to eradicate poverty and reduce inequalities in Catalonia.​ A total of 35 federations and large organizations are represented and bring together more than 3,000 non-profit social entities, rooted in the territory. They are associations, foundations, social initiative cooperatives and insertion companies that serve people at all stages of life (childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood and the elderly) and in all areas (poverty and exclusion, housing, socio-labor insertion, health, education, leisure, disability, mental health problems, illnesses, addictions, Roma people and the LGTBIQ+ group, among others).