“Change the answer is evolution. Change the question is revolution”

Jorge Wagensberg

10 years changing the questions

On our 10th anniversary, we have proposed to continue revolutionizing. Because making only the right questions, we will reach the answers that we need.

For this reason, during the whole year we will propose the 10 questions that will reinvent the future we are already in and will guide the agenda over the next 10 years.

Will you join us?

The 10 questions that will lead the conversation

During 2022 we will show the questions asked by 10 world leaders, about technology, innovation, and other issues that interest and concern us all. In addition, we will show the actions taken to find the best answer.

Can we provide technology with humanity?

10th anniversary of Mobile World Capital Barcelona Revolution begins with a question.
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Our Legacy: Technology Matters

n these ten years we have achieved the objectives with which we were born: promote the digital development of society and help to improve people’s lives globally, demonstrating that technology matters.