“Change the answer is evolution. Change the question is revolution”

Jorge Wagensberg

 10 years changing the questions

10 years changing the questions

On our 10th anniversary, we have proposed to continue revolutionizing. Because making only the right questions, we will reach the answers that we need.

For this reason, during the whole year we will propose the 10 questions that will reinvent the future we are already in and will guide the agenda over the next 10 years.

Will you join us?

The 10 questions that will lead the conversation

During 2022 we will show the questions asked by 10 world leaders, about technology, innovation, and other issues that interest and concern us all. In addition, we will show the actions taken to find the best answer.

Albert Cuesta, tech specialized journalist – From before the accelerated adoption due to Covid-19, generalized connectivity and access to affordable devices increased te presence of technology in our lives in a way that it would be impossible some decades ago. For work, study, consume, entertain and comunicate, technology not only canalizes a huge part of our personal and professional activity, but it transforms it adding nwe possibilities that would not be possible without the technological component. SEE MORE

Thérèse Jamaa, vicepresident of Huawei Spain – Pandemic highly accelerated virtual meetings, both profesional and daily encounters. Probably, this acceleration would happened anyway, but it would have come later and slower than we have seen, recognizes Thérèse Jamaa, vicepresident of Huawei Spain and Cruz Roja Española Foundation. “We must recognize the great effort that society, companies, profesional users and consumers to adapt, learn to use technology and accept it. Also for the technological sector to give an answer to a demand that came unexpectedly”. SEE MORE

Rocío Pillado, Adara Ventures partner – One of the main issues that researchers or academics face when they have an idea or a deep knowlegde of any technology is how to transform it into a product or a company with commercial success. Venture capital companies can contribute to transform this knowlegde into a company that generates market value and be able to grow. But the key is that the person with the idea have also a business mindset, says  Rocío Pillado (Madrid, 1981). Computer engineer by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and MBA by Chicago University, she is partner in Adara Venures, a venture capital company that manages 180 million euros to invest in Deep Tech european companies and belongs to investment ecosystem of The Collider, the innovation area of MWCapital. SEE MORE

Jerome Engel, adjunct profesor emeritus and founder director of Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment of U.C. Berkeley – Scientific and technological transference to business is always a difficult and time-consuming process that requires a lot of economic and material resources. But, despite being an inefficient system, it is very productive for entrepreneurs and society, says Jerome Engel, international recognized expert in innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital. “There is no other way that do a lot of experiments to succeed, first on a small and limited scale and after in a bigger scale” he highlights. SEE MORE

Cristina Ghetti, Workforce 360 group director at Nestlé – The pandemic has made it clear that technology is part of our lives, both personally and professionally, diu Ghetti. Having technological knowledge and knowing how to use technology is an activity that is increasingly sought after and required by companies, afegeix, such as the case of Nestlé, a company he works for. SEE MORE

Jerome Engel Is science the answer to a better future?
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Our Legacy: Technology Matters

In these ten years we have achieved the objectives with which we were born: promote the digital development of society and help to improve people’s lives globally, demonstrating that technology matters.